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Here is my shield artwork.  I'll post pics when they get here.  
  Eerie coincidence, when these are folded the red trim forms a 'V', almost identical to the V-Moda Logo.
They definitely don't make refrigerators like they used to. My thoughts are with you your family.
Pete Millett is my new hero.
  Haha...Tyll gettin' his buzz on.. I had a good laugh at the :23-:30 mark. 
Quote: Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD   While personal taste of how it should sound like varies quite a bit from person to person, the general consensus is that M100 is significantly better. The Momentum is said to have slightly muddy bass and a bit peaky treble and M100 being better balanced with much better bass response quality and while M100 is very slightly emphasized in the highs, provides no sibilance issues at all (at least for no1 so...
Flinging innocuous subliminal flack in your direction hi-fi-ve.  I am being watched.   p.s. the pearl is in the river
Distinction should be made if these new pads will be thicker, larger circumference, or both.  Haven't received mine yet but dreading the anticipated driver grill bottoming out against my precious orifice (uhh, what is the plural of orifice?) The idea of stuffing them with toilet paper and Kotex is discouraging.  I think designing the driver to have been angled slightly would have been more constructive, freeing up enough clearance for most people. Thicker velour earpads...
  > Putting on helmut and goggles, sits back in grotesquely over-padded recliner while firmly holding onto the armrests. Awaiting the inevitable.
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