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  I thought I had ordered shiny black but these are the matte shields.  I dont think you can go wrong with either one.        
I didn't use the template but logo size worked out ok for me.     Kitty like orange.    
  That sounds like an awesome name for a band...'Stiff Zipper'.
Well, I did receive them, but not exactly sure they are mine.  I'll explain later.
  The truth.  My assumption tangled its way vicariously through your ommission and shielded me from certain tertiary banishment.  It is much safer in the trees.  But onto more important news....M-100's RECEIVED!!   
  The mystery. A surrepticious anomaly, it's path unknown.  Delicately avoiding the outstretched branches as it falls.  I will never know.
M-80's on sale at Amazon for $156.99 (daily deal).
KnightOfZero...I ordered the matte black with custom shiny black shields.  I'll post pics when I get them.  Apparently they were sent to the wrong address and are on their way back to L.A.  So it might be a few days.
Head's up. Crossfade LP's on sale for $74.99 with free shipping at Amazon. My M-100's are in the mail somewhere but tempted to get an extra pair of these just because of the disgustingly repulsive low price. I believe the sale ends within the next 20 hours.
Anybody know who was selected to test run the velour prototype earpads?  Also, any guesses on what the soon to be released patent-pending surprise is?  I'll take a wildcard shot and guess it is a headphone stand.   
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