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I bought a lawn mower today. 
Retalliation video:  
I cannot get that freak with platform shoes, star trek body suit, and creepy tongue out my head. Image be gone!
  what the **** did I just watch?
Carlos... For me the rumble/purr is when you're playing some hard hitting bass and the earpads feel like they are floating...levitating on your ears like an air hockey puck.  All the while those low frequencies are reverberating inside your skull and tickling the cilia of your most endeared organs.
  Corks were in a tiny plastic crack bag between the earcups for me as well. Could easily have fallen out undetected amidst the excitement of unpackaging. 
  I would have suggested to clean up the design a bit.  Grey scaling has been done in the past with mixed results.  The skulls and 'alexa' will probably be okay, but the rest of the body and hair might be somewhat indistinguishable or blobby.  I'm interested to see the reults when you get them.
Before and after listening to M-100's...    
Only 10 days left until all this shipping talk mercifully comes to a close.....POOF!
Initial impressions. First track I listened to was Merzbow '716'.  Felt like I was sucker punched with a lead pipe and lay unconcious across railroad tracks.  Coming to, I can hear the freight train but its too late. I watch as its rusty wheels slice through my torso like a hard boiled egg. Trembling hands clutching the dirt, my worthless heart pumps through its last rhythmic cycle but not before a '69 Mustang does a hole shot across my face. Lovin' the bass and feel of...
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