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I see an owl in the tree. 
I sleep face down and tend to bite the corners of the pillow, these have held like a champ.  I will be buried with them.
  That's like totally confuscius, or zen, or something.  Sage advice for not only the masses barking on about M100 cauliflower ear, but everyday life as well.  I will definitely invoke this philosophy next time I'm squeezing out a bleeder.
Into the blue again, into silent water. Under the rocks and stones, there is water underground.
vneumonia. Buckets of never ending black phlegm. I enjoy nothing. Staring at the m100's in the corner of the room, they mock me.
Recessed mids?  Try this mod... It's called the 'hygiene fix'.  
Wow. They came out really good. I wasn't expecting anything half as good as that. Their shading techniques must be improving. But I think if you want the name included they might have to shrink your image overall. Let us know how it turns out.
Either Craigster and I are long lost brothers or we are the only two people that received a futuristic mutated perfect species of the M100 spawn. The sound, fit, features, and appearance...everything about them is exceedingly satisfying. It's as if they were specifically custom designed for me. They have changed me for the better. I don't even 'accidentally' try to hit people with the shopping cart in the supermarket anymore. Yeah, they are that good.
Definitely will be doing a noise isolation test with the John Deere.  
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