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Maybe I'll get some.. I'll see which I like better!   Edit: Got 10 ft. Was only $5.95 and thought why not, and free shipping!
Maybe I'm doing something wrong? It just took out a lot of the copper wire. Didn't make me happy.   Also, do you guys have any 2.5mm plugs you can recommend? And for braiding, I saw this octagon shaped thing a while ago that helped with braiding and kind of guiding you through it. Anyone know what I saw?
I have Kester 63/37 that Steve Eddy recommended me. Is that not so good with silver?    Also, I got the wire stripper I ordered from RedCo audio, and its awful. I'm going to go back to where I asked about 10 pages back, and get a quality one that you guys recommended me for $50. Or around there.
Any reason for the 4 signal and 2 ground? 
I may need it if Frank doesn't have the Oppo. Thanks for the offer:)
Bill, I'll let you borrow my ODAC! Not for the whole time though, I will need it for my setup
Sadly, I need 4. Silver is sure expensive.. Is there any downsides? Anything I would need? Solder pot?
I'll see what I'm thinking. 
What is the difference?
Hmm. I'll do a search around. 
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