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Yes, I will be there. From 8-2. Have a baseball game. I'm meeting Warren and the people Warren is staying with in the hotel for breakfast. And he said the peeps at Astell&Kern might be there for breakfast also..   Also, I will be selling my DT880. So Warren is on the job!
Doing an interest check, one headphone has to go, and its the DT880 this time around. The work is done by Martin at MartinCustomAudio. I think I'm the third owner, but it doesn't really matter, as everything has basically been replaced. Cups, headband+gimbals, and the pads. So basically new :). I am looking for about $475. The DT880 I got was $240, work was $270, and the new pads were $30(which I've used for all of 30 minutes.) Thats a total of $540. Thanks for looking!...
I listen at a reasonable level. I never go past 25% any of the time. Anyways, don't worry if your doing it,"right" as there is no right in this business. Its all preference. Just do what makes you happy
Here we go!             Wood cups for modding a SR60i and MCA DT880.
LOL, Para.
I'd argue that the Paradox are very involving also.
Don't go to Counter or Habit, In N Out is much better:)
Nice, Dragon! I be adding my DT880 pics soon.
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