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Temperature is nice, also, Aameford, you don't have to bring it, I thought there was going to be more people here, but I got to listen to the MDs for a while.
I will bring them tomorrow to compare:) Posted my impressions:)
This is on my phone so I'm not going to brief anything but here are my impressions on them. Comfort: super comfy, a little heavy. Isolation: fantastic Sound: Fake plastic trees- Thoms voice is detailed, and isn't in your face like the LCD-3, very nice. The violin sounds realistic, I love the upper mids on this thing. The bass isn't too prominent, its there, I wish there was less(yay slider). So that can be fixed! I would compare the soundstage to the HD650, not very...
You got your prayers answered. I was going to bring my HD650, but I will bring my Paradox to do a quick comparison for  you. Or maybe just off memory since I really want to bring my HD650. I will decide in the morning   YES. I will be there tomorrow:)
Hey, Dan, will the Alpha Dogs be at the Cal Audio Show?
MartinCustomAudio for the DT880s and 7Keys for the Grado's. I really wish I knew how to make wood cups.
Ah, sorry, 600.
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