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I got the cable off my SR60i today and have no use for it, anybody who wants to solder, but doesn't really want to get materials, etc., look here! It comes with a 3.5mm jack already on there, you just have to solder the cable onto a headphone. All you(the buyer) have to do is pay shipping, which will be maybe $3-$5. Thanks!
So I got the cable off of my drivers but I melted a tiny bit of that plastic ring around the drivers, is this bad?
Cable + the 3.5 mm at the end. 
I got one of those Vintage Lab plugs, as I really, really liked them. Anyways, I took the grado cable off the drivers, but I melted a bit of the plastic ring around the driver, is this a problem? Also, I have a free grado cable up for grabs! All you have to do is pay shipping:)
Ah, gotcha, thats partly what I was thinking
7Key cups:). I'll try wick first, see if I can do it.
Thanks, Zash!! I got the 1/4 rattlesnake:)
Thanks! Any of the series they have that you recommend?
For putting 4 wires into a sleeving, specifically Techflex, 1/4" or 1/2"? Also, what type do you guys recommend?
Oh crap, I thought that was silver wire, but its sleeving! What sleeving is that, I love it!
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