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So I got the cable off of my drivers but I melted a tiny bit of that plastic ring around the drivers, is this bad?
Cable + the 3.5 mm at the end. 
I got one of those Vintage Lab plugs, as I really, really liked them. Anyways, I took the grado cable off the drivers, but I melted a bit of the plastic ring around the driver, is this a problem? Also, I have a free grado cable up for grabs! All you have to do is pay shipping:)
Ah, gotcha, thats partly what I was thinking
7Key cups:). I'll try wick first, see if I can do it.
Thanks, Zash!! I got the 1/4 rattlesnake:)
Thanks! Any of the series they have that you recommend?
For putting 4 wires into a sleeving, specifically Techflex, 1/4" or 1/2"? Also, what type do you guys recommend?
Oh crap, I thought that was silver wire, but its sleeving! What sleeving is that, I love it!
Cool, thanks! Anything I should be aware of while using the wick? I hate using wick, it makes everything move around and I could melt something.
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