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Cool, thanks for the help, Zash. I'll see what I want to do, I may be getting some wire today, or saving up!
Ok, cool, thanks. I'm still debating it, as I get a lot of experience if I purchase DIY stuff, and that's what I want.
No, like save up for Gungir or get wire and supplies?
What do you think I should do?
Hm, improve my soldering or purchase a Gungir later in the year..
Worth the asking price?
Gotcha. I'll probably start with 24 awg and move down from there. Do you guys recommend DHC wire?
I don't have the money to do a full recable, I'm just going to contact sennheiser.
Ohh, thanks. What about that soft filament from DHC? The black sleeving?
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