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      I must say, I am very proud of myself:) It sounds great, SO much better than what the end part cost is - $135. Thanks so much, 7Keys! If I want to mod a higher up grado, like the 225 or 325, I will look right towards you:). Also, I dont know what people are talking about Techflex being microphonic, I hear nothing when I touch it/ rub it. 
Ohh, I think the T50RP is 50 ohms and the HD650 is 300.
Hey, Glenn, well, I've thought up some plans to make my desk space more usable, and considered you as an option for an amp. I need it to work the both the Paradox(modded T50RP, low impedance, ortho) and the HD650. Is this possible?
Walk around, act like you live there:)
Why not go out and experience New Orleans?
Nice man:)
I guess I meant how do you justify your purchase of it?lol
Why did you want it?
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