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No problem, man, feel free to drop a PM to me anytime 
Damn.. May just try drums
Yup, I want to learn the piano to play the synthesizer. But I really do not have any time to dedicate to it..
I really wish I loved to play an instrument. I play the trumpet at the moment, but I do not enjoy it as none of the music I listen to utilizes a trumpet
So many guitar players here!
Going to chime in her, people talking about the aesthetic of the mad dogs and ADs. I like the aesthetic, but the "suspension" headband offers no better comfort to the T50RP. The Paradox one and Enigma one offers far superior comfort..
I didn't have a Google Play account till one and a half years in..
Yeah, Luis told me that as soon as I posted that post, but been extremely lazy to change it..
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