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I'd say thats actually a decent amount.. I know 2 people.
Going to put in my 2c here, as Matt said   I am a bit biased here, as my favorite headphone is the HD800, why? The most comfortable headphones I have found, the soundstage is massive, and there is gobs and gobs of detail. Pair that with a DNA Stratus with tube upgrades, and a random DAC(Not sure why, but I really don't ever have recommendations for DACs, never researched them much..). The HD800 & DNA Stratus is a heavenly pairing to me. Maybe that pairing with a...
If your ears aren't hurting a lot, then the drivers are just fine. 
I hate 3.5mm plugs, I find mini 4 pins to be 10x easier. Odd one out I guess
Can it go past an A+? 
:/. I've tried to listen, its just boring to me(most of the time). I like Miles Davis Kind Of Blue, but thats about it..
Aww, cmon! 
Hehe, its a cool little tuning box. I, personally, do not like it though. Hifiguy528 and I talked about it at the Bay Area meet, we both agreed we would never be able to come to a conclusion for a tuned sound, and would rather have the pro's at UE do it. We're an indecisive bunch
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