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Posts by wolfetan44 These are very nice, but there are no volume buttons.
I have SR60i cups if you'd like.
Had far too much time on my hands last year. Wait, WHAT, I joined in 2012, well.. Um. I've been at this for a lot longer than I thought..  Anyways, just buy a budget headphone, which you already have, so leave. Or else, you won't have any money, ever!
Schiit Bifrost Uber ;) $250!
Hey, I will be attending as well, but not as a attendee, I'm helping out UE and CEE TEE, CEE TEE wanted to experience a meet, without having to be behind a table. So I'm taking his spot at the UE table for the meet!  I'm pumped!
No, if done properly, it will not.
I know  
EDIT: I don't even know what I was thinking.
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