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I was watching one of the performers, and they were wearing IEM's, not CIEM's, I was like 
I'm super excited for the Clarks by MF DOOM!!
Yeah, Kid A is fantastic!! 
I like the prizes, and I like to support, so where do I send the money?
Anything + anything :). One album did pop to mind though, Kid A by Radiohead. 
Hey, Justin, I think I'm gonna back out of this, so whoevers spot was next, put 'em in :)
Double Helix. Using Nucleotide for soldering is a joy, and it looks fantastic
Hey, how much for raffle tickets? Also, I'm bringing gear upon request, so request away
There was a link to buy the pads awhile ago, and it was $70 or $60.
Thanks, dad!
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