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Also, what if someone comes here looking for a fantastic all rounder, now that person has another headphone to look at.
He was trying to say that there are better all around headphones out there. Thing is, it sucks when you're the victim of stuff like this, as I was once(buying stuff that's been extremely hyped up, not making that claim of the 650 though). Anyways, back on topic.
Those are just... amazing.
Do I have table space yet? I am bringing schiit(not literally :P). I'm bringing, hopefully:  Woo Audio WA7 Paradox Slants Paradox HD650
Woah, that's a big box on a cable!!
The DT770 pads are not the same 
... How do you know its crap? Based off the video? 
Refuge is a great place!
I'm REALLY looking forwards to CH 19!!
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