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I really like the Dong Pian Winter Sprot from Red Blossom. One of my favorite teas, if not my favorite.
I'd HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest trying out Red Blossom Tea and Song Tea, they have provided the best tea I've ever tasted.
Damn, I edited mine, didn't see the no editing part in the rules :(. Anything I can do? Or just count myself out?
It's on the B side of In Rainbows. Love the song.
76.2 lbs 80.3 lbs 84.5 lbs
What do those do?
Wow! Nice, Dragon!
HTC One M7 or M8? I have nothing to complain about my M8's camera quality.
Most people here don't consider good bass to be bass described as, "you can feel all over your head with vibrations". 
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