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Yeah, the soundstage is extremely impressive. I haven't heard the 535 so I cannot comment on any differences.
Definately order Teavivre over Adagio. Teavivre is superior!
That is the price for the pads, and wow, nice cousin you got there.
Wow, you get lots and lots of cables!
I assumed so, but didn't want to come off as a jacka** if I responded sarcastically.. 
Really? Hm, I LOVE the DHC Elite Minis.. Slim and easy to use. Not the easiest to solder, but I'll take it over a bulky connector.
Does she have a blog where she writes reviews? 
Yup, just get some warm water, and some soap, and clean away! Let them air dry, by the way.
I really like the Dong Pian Winter Sprot from Red Blossom. One of my favorite teas, if not my favorite.
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