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The HM-802 is a HM-901 with a Wolfs DAC instead Saber DAC.    Peter
Thanks for the question. HiFiMAN revised the RE-400 connector design last year so the one you have is current and has been performing well.    Peter
The later RE-400s have been better quality and more reliable. If any RE-400 owners are having trouble, just contact customer service and we will replace them under warranty. Just be prepared to show us proof of purchase.   Thanks, Peter 
HiFiMAN greatly respects Tyll Hertsens but we respectfully disagree that the HE-560 is a bright headphone. Based on the feedback we have had from other reviewers as well customers on Head-Fi and elsewhere it has not been described to us as bright.    Peter
Yes, HE-300, HE-400 and HE-500 are all officially discontinued but they are still available in many places.    HE-300 is a dynamic headphone that was already a good value at $249 MSRP and a fantastic buy at its closeout price of $149.   Peter
I just heard from Fang. The blemishes on the yokes were caused by a packaging issue rubbing against them in shipment. So it happened after HiFiMAN shipped it.   The cable connector is an issue that should have been caught.    Anyway, Fang is involved and we'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your patience.    Peter
Thanks for your concern. We are in contact with this customer and will make sure it is taken care of to his satisfaction.  Peter
HE-300, HE-400 and HE-500 have officially been discontinued. A few dealers bought heavy on our closeout and still have HE-400 and HE-500 at great prices. In fact, I spoke with Todd at Todd the Vinyl Junkie today in Montana and he still has several HE-500s. HE-560 is doing great and we expect HE-400i to be shipping any day.  Peter 
Thanks to everyone for the interest in HE-400i. We are still on track for launch in early August. Stay tuned. Peter
If the HE-400s were a "mistake", HiFiMAN hopes to make many more mistakes just like that. HE-400 was a hugely popular headphone.  Peter
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