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The event hours are 11a to 7:30p. Jack and Fang are expected to be there the entire time. Fang is bringing a Shangri-La headphone with him. and it will run through a Woo Audio ES amp.   Stereo Exchange tells me they have had a strong response to the event so we expect to be busy.    Hope to see you there.    Peter
HiFiMAN recommends not driving the HEX with a large power amplifier. It pairs better with a modest amp. Chord Mojo and HEX is a very nice combination.   Peter
You may be correct for China but Fang Bian is what he goes by in the U.S.    Peter
Thursday March 17 at Stereo Exchange in NYC, Woo Audio is introducing their great line of headphone amplifiers at a special event from 11a to 7:30p. All are welcome.    On hand, will be Jack Wu himself to discuss and demonstrate his award-winning amplifiers and answer any questions. Stereo Exchange is now the exclusive NY area dealer for Woo Audio products.    Special guest, Dr. Fang Bian of HiFiMAN will also be on hand to demonstrate his planar magnetic headphones...
Thank you for your positive comments.   Peter
HiFiMAN stands behind their products. I use the RE400i with my iPhone and it works great.   Peter 
HiFiMAN takes great pride in our customer service and support. Unfortunately, even the best companies cannot satisfy 100% of everyone 100% of the time. In addition, there are two sides to every story.   Judge brands by all of the feedback that is posted. HiFiMAN has a very good reputation for supporting its customers and a search here on Head-Fi will support that.   Peter  
What Fang intended to say was that Edition X is a flagship headphone for HiFiMAN not the flagship. HE1000 of course is "the" flagship at least for now. :) Peter
My pleasure. What I am trying to find out is when the change occurred so owners might have a sense of which version they have. I was told by HifiMAN that the different is subtle.    Peter
Yes, that is the reason for the change. Slightly more open, better soundstage and more detail. Also a little lighter without the backing plate.   Peter
New Posts  All Forums: