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Okay, I confirmed that th early HE560s with wood ear cups were sold on a pre-order basis. We found that the wood was cracking so we recalled them to replace with new design which has been very reliable.   A few of the original buyers did not return their phones for whatever reason. We believe this is one of them.    Because they are over a year old and because they are being resold by the original buyer, they would not have a warranty. Hope that helps.    Peter
Yep, we recalled all of the ones with wood ear cups because of cracking. What I will find out is if they were preproduction or they were the first ones sold on a pre-order basis. We wanted to replace them with the design but as noted some would not send them back.    The original question was if they would have a warranty and they would not.    Peter
I am researching this. I recall that the HE560 with wood ear cups was preproduction only and that only and that by the time we had loaned HE560 into the market last summer, it was black with wood trim.   Rather than rely on memory, I will get more information and give you an update.   Peter 
Hi, this is Peter from HiFiMAN. Here is what I suggest:   You should find out if this is a dealer or another consumer that is selling the headphone.   How old is the headphone? Is it one of the early samples with the ear cup made of wood or a later version with wood trim?   A preproduction headphone was never intended for resale so it would not have a warranty.    HiFiMAN products' warranty extends to the first purchaser. So if it is a dealer with a stock HE-560,...
Does Gustard cut the Mustard? Sorry.... I couldn't resist. 
Robert, I would describe the output as too loud to be sitting next to someone on an airplane but they will not be audible in another room. The output drops off rapidly as you move away from the phones. 
What might that be? 
Yes, Eric will have HE-1000 there. 
HiFiMAN will be there and will need one table. Eric Ming looks forward to seeing everyone.   Peter
Wow, lots of great photos. Thanks for posting them and of course, thanks for attending.   Peter
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