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Does Gustard cut the Mustard? Sorry.... I couldn't resist. 
Robert, I would describe the output as too loud to be sitting next to someone on an airplane but they will not be audible in another room. The output drops off rapidly as you move away from the phones. 
What might that be? 
Yes, Eric will have HE-1000 there. 
HiFiMAN will be there and will need one table. Eric Ming looks forward to seeing everyone.   Peter
Wow, lots of great photos. Thanks for posting them and of course, thanks for attending.   Peter
To boombastic, thanks for posting your pics of the event and thanks for coming. It was a really busy day and we had a great time.    Peter
 Thanks for asking. I was with Fang today at Stereo Exchange for a short while setting up for tomorrow's event. I did not get to hear the latest HE1000s because there were too many people in line! However the fit and finish are excellent and it was apparent that Fang and company have been busy working on them since January.  When we left today there were two different customers at the store who came in today hoping to hear them because they are not available tomorrow....
Will you be able to join us tomorrow at Stereo Exchange? Fang is excited to be there. Peter
Yes there are many weird things in area code 201.  However HiFiMAN's U.S. office is in Newark DE not Newark NJ.    Peter
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