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.....are you implying that you like to be abused by taiga?   LOL. But she's not crazy.... Yuno was the reason I stopped watching mirai nikki.
Yeah.   If they have a demo version I'll just buy that.
My waifu(s) are Saber and Subaru, I couldn't decide on one.  
What?   Lol, sharing is caring.  Yep. $179 CAD.
OMG this is so disturbing. Which is why I'm going to share it with you guys.
Lol wtf did I just see? Carrot cake and virgina??!!   I love kyoani.   Kirino again? NO.   Getting my GR07 tomorrow, so excited.
Lol, sounds interesting, I'll watch it. Has it finished airing yet?
Big Panda:"omnomnomnom* Mini Panda:"Surprise!" Big Panda:"GTFO"   I don't get what it means...
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.   I'm going to watch it tomorrow.   Oyasumi~
Meh, I was too busy watching Rito getting caught up in over the top ecchi situations.    This is what happens when you rage quit?
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