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Lol, yep. The FHS 3. Oh, right in the wallet. >.<
Lol I see a creeper behind the touhou chick.
83 more posts until fake HS. 
Kara no kyoukai.
YES! Finished KnK, twas an awesome experience.   Now it's time for hyouka.
Haha, yeah. 
Lol, as a sadist, I wouldn't want to be abused.....I want to be the one abusing. Sometimes I just hate my imagination, it makes wrong things seem so right.    Wrathful god? Does that mean your off spring(s) will be demi gods? XD   That's deep.
Lol...   Is this good enough for ya?
We shed manly tears.  
5 was almost 2hours, 7 is 2, all the rest are 50 something minutes.
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