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I need a 2,5 mm TRRS balanced cable for my Noble Audio and Heir Audio IEMs. I've seen that Fiio have the RC-UE2B and the RC-78B but they are look the same with the same connector, wich one is the appropriate cable for my IEM?
Hi, i've a problem with my Opus#1 The touch command doesnt' work anymore, i can play the song, pause and skip, but all the other command doesn't work. I can't go in setting or use the suffle or repeat command. I've the first version of the firmware but i can't update it becuase i can't go in setting. Someone know what is the problem?
I've received mine yesterday with the wifi module
1)turo91 2)Brescia, Italy 3) all my review are on 4) My site, italian forum, Facebook and instagram
It's possible to use Spotify with the microRendu via SqueezeLite ?
 Maybe an email address? I have a problem with the driver
Does Gustard have a website??
They don't have a web site?
I sell and Hisoundaudio studio 6 Dap in perfect condition with original box and accessories   Price 300 euro including UPS shippin in europe
I sell an Hifiman HM901s dap in perfect condition and with original box and accessorie. In the pack is included only the classic II card amp    Price 750 euro + 25 euro shipping in Europe with UPS
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