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My rig for the trip in Miami       Aurender #Flow Hidizs Audio #Ap100 Apollo Audio Lab #Viper6 AudioFly #AF78
I sell an SotM Shp 100 dac amp like new in 10/10 condition with original box and accessories   Here the site http://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/portfolio-item/shp-100/   And here 6 moon review http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/sotm/1.html   Price 30 euro including paypal fee and shipping with UPS in Europe
I sell a Yulong D200 dac in perfect condition with original box and accessorie.   It's possible to fin a lot of review about it on the web.   Price 380 euro included shipping in Europe with UPS and paypal fee
I earn my own money so i can spend it in the wait I want without blame 
I sell Dunu DN23 IEM headphones with original box and accessories. Never used   Price 40 euro + ss (10 euro in Europe with tracked postal service)
 Yes, they are the ARTist 5, but i don't use their internal dac, they are connected to the D200 with Xlr cable
Station 1     Station 2
I sell a bluetooth dac/ amp Creative SOUND BLASTER E3 with original box It can be used with any smartphone or pc.   Here a review http://headfonics.com/2014/10/the-soundblaster-e3-by-creative/   Price 40 + ss (10 euro in europe, 20 euro extra EU)
I sell an Ifi Nano iCAN portable amp in perfect condition with original box.   Price 90 euro + 10 euro tracked shipping in Europe   I can make special price if someone is interested in the other IEM that i sell
I sell an Encore mDAC in 10/10 condition The dac/amp is complete with orignal box and OTG cable and it works on PC, Android and iOS: Here you can find a review http://www.head-fi.org/t/736452/review-encore-mdac-portable-headphone-dac-amp-with-24bit-96khz-usb-input-for-mac-pc-iphone-with-camera-connection-kit-and-android-2-thumbs-up   Price 50 euro + 10 euro shipping
New Posts  All Forums: