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I sell and Hisoundaudio studio 6 Dap in perfect condition with original box and accessories   Price 300 euro including UPS shippin in europe
I sell an Hifiman HM901s dap in perfect condition and with original box and accessorie. In the pack is included only the classic II card amp    Price 750 euro + 25 euro shipping in Europe with UPS
 It cost almost more then the Opur and the Heir Audio together  I'm considering an Effect Audio cable with TRRS 2,5 mm connector wich cost 70 $ with shipping.I already have a a balanced Effect Audio cable for my Audeze LCD X and I'm happy with that.
 Are you using the balanced output?There are different with standard output? I don't know if buy a balanced cable for my Heir Audio IEM8
I've received it, it's very nice with a good screen and UI  
 Where I can track the parcel?Which site have you used?
Mine says only "Electronic notification of the shipping" 30/01/16
Mine has been shipped today, I'm very curious. Someone has tested the balanced output with IEM? I don't know if i have to buy a TRRS cable for my Heir Audio IEM 8 or use SE output
Mine has been shipped Yesterday with EMS Singapore Post, but i don't know how much it takes to arrive in Italy. I hope i won't have problem with the customs
I've a buyed a refurbished one on Ebay and it was like new, including the box.
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