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I sell an Audiotrak Dr Dac 3 in 10/10 condition. I have the original box and accessories. The Dr Dac 3 is a dac with a good (0 ohm impedance output) and powerfull (1,5W) headphone and it have also pre out for desktop monitor. The usb input is powered by the same VIA chip used in the Audio GD Di V3.   Here you can find all the information   Price 140 euo + ss 
I sell a Wywires RED cable 1,5 m long (5 feet) for Hifiman's Headphone terminated with a 6,3 mm (1/4") jack. The cable is in 10/10 condition.   Price 130 euro + ss
I use a 256 gb Samsung Evo SSD which contains only music and the SO is on a 128 Gb SSD. All is in a fanless Streacom FC5 EVO case so the pc doesn't have any moving parts while it reproduce music. When i want to see a film i connect the external 2 Tb WD hard disk
Exasound E22. At the moment they are both at my house.
  This is Audeze connector (4 pin mini xlr connector)  and this are Hifiman connector 
I need two 3 meter long hedphone's cable with 2 x xlr 3 poles(one for hifiman and one for audeze),for interconnections i already have a pair of Snake audio river balanced cables that i use between exasound E22 and the two CMA800R in mono mode.  The original Audeze cable is too short and for the hifiman i don't have a balanced cable so i prefer to buy one already with two balanced connector and don't use adapter.
 So what do you advice?
Hi, i need two cheap balanced cables terminated with two XLR 3 pin connector to connect mine Audeze LCDX and Hifiman HE500 to 2  Questyle CMA800R in dual mono. I need a 3 meter long cables. Some advice?  
 I've bought the TeddyThere is some improvements but not so noticeable .There are other solution that cost less with the same results like the Zetagi FT146
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