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Hi all. How does this player compare to the Fiio X5 2nd gen?
But it doesn't affect the soundstage, detail etc does it. By extra solidity do you mean it gives a bit extra weight to the general presentation?
Thanks for that. I'll try the stock cable then for a start. Got to get impressions done for my 1964ears V3 first. Get the X5 ordered then later in the year order up the Vorz (funds permittting!)
Thanks for the info
So you have quite a bit of stuff hanging out of your player then!! ;)
Thanks for sharing. What cable do you use to connect the X5 and Vorz?
Understood, so insert the adaptors then fold them round the back of the player and slid the player into the cover then. I'm thinking of pairing it with the Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II amp in one of the Fiio hard cases so I'm not sure if that would fit an X5 with leather case in it?
So as i understand it, you slide the SD cards into these adaptors and they then plug into the micro SD slots in the bottom of the X5. This leaves them hanging out of the player then. How secure do they fit into the slots? So this will in affect make a 512Gb player.
Lucky you. Hopefully getting impressions done within a month. Hardest thing is trying to decide on the design!!
I'm looking into this player to use with 1964ears V3 iem's. currently using a Cowon J3 with 64Gb card. Has anyone got experience  of the 1964 ears with the X5?   Thanks
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