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Thanks for that, man! :) Although, unfortunately, the AKG K550 MKII deal you sent me is not sending to The Netherlands. :( 
I am not that good at figuring out things like that. I know that I liked the sound the K550 offered, can't get it here anymore, unfortunately. If I like the cool sound of the K550, would the HP150 be adding to that sound or taking that away a bit? And the K545, do you know something about that?
Hey there! I was wondering which headphone would be better, when I like cool sounding headphones? The K550, K545 or the Soundmagic HP150. I had the H6 until recently and liked it, but I liked the K550 more. (Had it 3 years / 5 years prior) How does HP150 and K545 compare to the K550?
I've had the AKG K550's, and I loved the cool sound signature that they had. (atleast that is what they sounded like, to me) The headphone's fit is indeed a problem for me. The headphone slides off my head quite easily. Does the HP150 sounds cool aswell? Or not really? I can't really listen to them here, since no one here has them in their store, unfortunately.
Thanks! I will check the closed headphones first, since I use them mostly outside of the house. So you have heard the HP-150, AKG K550 and the A900X. Which did you like the most out of those? And why? 
Again, the 400S are looking nice, but they look like they are quite away from the neutral sound the AKG K550 has. And the OPPO PM3 looks like it is out of budget.
Hey there! Thanks for your answer! Although I don't really think this is what I am looking for. Those Grado SR125e's look like they are not really natural sounding (Or I am not looking correctly, haha!) And The Oppo PM 3 are, from what I am seeing, way out of my budget, for €523 euro's, here. 
Hello, all.   So, I am dumb. Let that be stated first. I had a B&O H6 headphone, which I left in the train. Stupid me.    I had a AKG K550, which I loved the sound of.   Both headphones sounds amazing, but I like the AKG K550 sound more (Don't really know why??).   Now I am looking for a headphone that sounds like the AKG K550, or maybe even take that sound signature and making it better? My budget is around €300.   I want a closed heaphone.   Scenario 2:   I...
Is this still being sold?  I would like to have this for 20 dollar. I live in The Netherlands. :) 
I was wondering if anyone has tried the V-moda Boompro mic cable on this H6? It looks quite nice, and I am in need of a new microphone anyway. 
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