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Just a question. Does $400 has the same value for americans, as €400 has for europeans? I am asking this because people say that for $400 this headphone is quite good value. (Some people say that). But when Americans earn more than europeans (in regard to eur or dollar), then it is different. 
I will get the H6 on tuesday! I can't hardly wait! 
Hello everyone. I have a question, I love the sound of the H6. And I want to know what sound signature this headphone, so for future reference I know which sound signature I like. Or isn't this as simple as that? Thanks! 
I think the AKG K545 sounds the same. BUT I DON'T KNOW, because that is what I am trying to find out. I auditioned the H6 today and it was blissful audio once again. But the price... I can get the AKG K545 for more than half the price. So I want to ask you; Have you guys compared these two headphones with each other? 
Hello guys. I loved the sound of the H6 which I auditioned. I can't explain it, but they just didn't sound as forward as the MSR7 that I have, which I did not like. However, they are quite expensive, and that is too bad. How would you guys recommend the H6 against the K545? Thanks. 
Question, just for knowing this. Would you guys prefer the ATH-MSR7 or the H6 when they are at the same price point? Thanks! 
Thanks for your time, describing it against the H6. However, I am not too technical yet with headphones and do not understand the words you used. Or the meaning, rather. Could you elaborate on "Cool" and "Less organic"? And is the imaging and sound stage marginally better? 
Thanks man! You just made me order the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7LTD. :D I will get it at wednesday. :) I could get it delivered tuesday, but do not have to go to school at wednesday. So I can use all my time to get used to this new baby. Thanks again
Thanks! You made my choice easier! Now I only need to choose between the ATH MSR7 and the Beyerdynamic T70p! You haven't heard that headphone by chance?
New Posts  All Forums: