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Hey, I was wondering if someone here had heard the AKG K550 (or K553 pro or K550 MK2's) and can compare these? Thanks! 
So I have a question. I went to my local Shop to test the AKG K702, and while I liked the sound quite much, the treble is way too Bright for me. They hurt my eyes,not at all a pleasant Experience. I had the AKG K550 and loved it, not hurting me at all in the highs. Would you call this K7xx a "same but better" upgrade of the AKG K550? Thanks!
WeWhich later massdrop?
Sorry if hijacking a comment is not allowed, but did you have heard the AKG K550? If so, could you compare the HP150 against it?
Thanks for explaing that, Thanks for explaining that, ProtegeManiac. I guess that's it! :) I find it rather hard to relax aswell, when tye are "in my head" that much. I am wanting to buy a new headphone, and I need a closed can. I think the AKG K550 will fit that bill the most, right now.  Thanks again!  EDIT: The thing is, though. I never listen to speakers of any sort. But I think it has to do that I started with AKG K272HD then straight gone for the AKG K550. 
Hello everyone, I have a hard time explaining why I like headphones. Could you guys help me? I am not technical, but would like to be able to understand why I like certain headphones. Headphones I like: AKG K550 Really detailed, liked the dry (?) sound of it, projected sound far away. HP100 SoundMagic: I think idem, though I am not sure, did not listen to it long, because the left driver was broken. Got money Back, did not buy it again. B & O H6 (A bit) idem, but more...
Hello, I was wondering for the people that heard / owned / tested the AKG K550, which headphone would have a cooler sound signature. The AKG K550 or the HP150? 
Hey there! I was wondering if I like the cold signature of The AKG K550, would I like the Sound of The 1540? I had the SRH 840 but disliked the Sound immensely. I am wanting to Go for anothet k550 or this one.
I will first just get the headphone, and see how that goes. If I really like the sound, and I have some more money to spend, I will probably get the first one you mentioned. I am an Android user.
I firstly admire your ability of discussing in a friendly manner, Rainmaker and Rockstar! With that said, I am going to check up on the HP150 forum, to double make sure I am getting the right headphone. Get that this is not disrespecting your advice. Thanks again!    EDIT: nevermind, I go for the AKG K550. I had such fond memories from this headset, and each time I wander away from it, I get disappointed. I get disappointed with the H6, I get disappointed with the...
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