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Well my 2nd gen Mini doesn't like the SD to CF adapter, I ended up putting the 1st gen Logic board and click-wheel in the 2nd gen housing and moved the blue click-wheel disk to to the 1st gen click-wheel and everything seems to be working fine.    I just need to patiently fill the iPod now, the transfer rate for the Mini is slower than the Classic and the Video so it will take me a couple of days to fill it up.  Planning to use only 320k mp3's this time.
Good to know, so there is another SD to CF adapter out there that can be used with SDXC cards with up to 256GB.  Well, thanks to you I am not messing with my 1st and 2nd Minis again. Will try to get one of them up and running with the 256GB Lexar card... Wish me luck! Photo from my failed previous attempt below. 
And this is the one you used that goes past the 131GB without corrupting the data?
Does it pause the music when you remove the headphone cable from the jack? If it does it's a 2nd gen Mini.
Create another folder in the root of the iPod and fill the folder with files, that should do the trick.
Try to go after 131GB, if you pass that number you are home free.
How many files and GB have you loaded so far?
Exactly, then get a case for it and you will be golden.
The USB handler in RockBox is unreliable.
You can flatten some of the metal tabs so it's easier to open the iPod again in the future.
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