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Just restore with iTunes, that will give you right firmware.
Just scored these at the local Goodwill
There is a forum member that sells them, all versions. mSATA or SD modded.
I saw three at one of the local pawn shops here in Orlando.
It was the one that I paid to have caps installed. My 17 year old son is using the capless one now.Yeah I thought the guy got a good deal, but hey doing this for profit is not my thing
It suits my listening needs and also the more power efficient qualities makes it a better companion after I've used the 5th and 5.5th for years now. I will still own a hardrive 240gb 5.5th that it's in mint condition but I use it for 320k MP3s only.
Well, I am weeding out my overage of iPods.   Just sold my 5.5th 480gb iPod, red clickwheel and new black faceplate with two back covers the slim U2 and the fat with the 2000mAh battery for $185 shipped.   It was fun but I am mostly using my 512gb 7th gen and the 256gb Mini... and I need a new turntable because four is not enough 
I told everyone it worked but no one wanted to believe me..
only do that if you have 256GB or less of storage.If you want to have a trouble free iPod and you have over 256GB go with lossless.
So youSo you listen to lossy files?
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