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The card is a zif card, the downside is that you only get up to 256gb of storage. Alex sells those, not sure how many hours the 2600mAh last, Alex once told me you get 100 hours when using the 2000mAh and that card.
To use the first battery you need this card and setup: 
  The only difference is that the 5.5th gen has a search function built in, other than that it feels and acts the same. You can install a mSATA card and adapter to a diymod iPod, just keep in mind not to install the caps under the mSATA to ZIF adapter so there is enough room to close the iPod.
Actually the slim battery that they offer is 580mAh.
actually the seller of that battery posted a few post before yours.Look at post 4205
I have done it both ways, 5th gen board in 6th gen frame and also a 6th gen board in a 5th gen frame. I don't use the second as it is on eternal storage.
I am sure that something like that happened to everyone in this hobby!  It happened to me with a 7th gen iPod that I damaged the battery connector when opening it.
Where did you damage the board? 
I am using a 5th gen click-wheel.
I am using the screen from a 5.5th gen iPod. 
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