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Check the hard drive for sector errors, it's always a possibility that the drive might be failing.
That drive might be cheaper but it will not work in your iPod, it utilizes a CE-ATA Interface and your iPod has a ZIF interface.
First you need to install the OF Apple firmware to install RockBox and all you will get is a RED X with that adapter. Not sure why it doesn't work but it simply doesn't. 
I have only used successfully a 512gb Samsung card, but you need a different adapter. You must wait until Tarkan releases his adapter which is the same one I am using. 
I only own the Lexar card. Some other people have used successfully the PNY card, but I wonder now if it was in the 5Th gen iPod? I don't own a PNY and don't think I will as I am already happy with the 512GB mSATA iPod.
 Sorry that was a typo, that's what happens when you post when you are sleepy. :) All the iPod Classic are compatible with the PNY 256gb SDXC if your adapter has the CM01E6Q1.bin firmware. I will correct my previous post. Let me clarify: I have tested all them of with a 480gb Crucial mSATA card, the Tarkan iFlash-msata adapter (IPod Classic) or the eBay cheap green adapter (30gb, 60gb, 80 iPod Video) LBA48 enabled iPods: Classic Slim 80gbClassic Slim 120gbClassic Fat...
The iPod Classic 80gb, the fat Classic 160gb and the Classic 120gb are the ones with the LBA48 enabled, the slim Classic 160gb doesn't have it enabled and can recognize mSATA or CF cards bigger than 127.7gb 5th or 5.5th gen iPods can use the 256gb but the only one that works well with Tarkan's new firmware is the PNY card, the Lexar corrupts after 131gb.
They can only be bought used on eBay.
Tarkan will soon release the iFlash-Sata adapter that will allow you to use mSATA cards in your iPod Classic, I have been testing one of the beta adapters and now the retail version and it works flawlessly.  The OS I am using is the stock iPod Classic firmware. IN addition to this I am using a 2000mAH battery that last a long time. 
You would need the thick back anyways, it should fit perfectly if it's a 1.8mm zif SSD drive.
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