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I am in Orlando, where was the meeting?
I thought about the same thing, kindly let us know how it works.
I am surprised to see that the clickwheel did not pushed forward.  EDIT: Thanks for the pics.
Can you please post a pic of the front of the iPod taken from the side?
 The 2000mAh battery kits that I have come with the back cover already attached.
I tried that combination and it didn't fit.
Yeah, I forgot you already mentioned that. I need to try this when I get a chance, got an extra battery kit that I have back at home.   Thanks 
Guys to properly fit the 2000mAh battery in the fat cover you need to wait until the iFlash-Sata is released, the cheap one from eBay will not leave enough room and will apply pressure against the screen or the click-wheel.
Got the SE-405 for $4 in the Flea Market, they are in great condition. Got home and rewire them and replaced the 6.3mm plug with a 3.5mm one.   Love how they sound, like so much that I bought the SE-305 on eBay for $25.00    These ones smell like new, I am pretty sure they were still in their box and the seller removed them to make the shipping cheaper.   Rewired them too, and I am listening to Led Zeppellin on my 7th gen iPod connected to my FiiO E17 amp and God...
And you used AOMEI Partition Assistant ?
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