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I replaced the battery on my FiiO E17, it was easy. Let me know if you need help, I can provide with the link of the site where I sourced the battery.
Try loading the files from the official Apple firmware instead of RockBox, RockBox USB handler is inefficient. 
Don't know about the 6g and 7g but my 256GB SDXC iPod skips songs like crazy when I transfer files with RockBox enabled. I need to reboot into Apple OF and then do the transfer there.
It's here:
RockBox is the one who has issues.
Pictures of the back cover of your iPod please.
How much you paid for that SSD?
The OF USB handler works much faster and consistent that the RockBox one, that has been my experience always. 
Seems like your iPod drained the battery while it was building the database, just plug it to your computer for some hours and it should change and work fine
I do have one 512GB, 480GB, 256GB, 240GB, a 64GB mini and a 80GB stock Classic.  Just waiting for more 1TB cards to be released 
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