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Get the iPod Classic middle frame, front faceplate and slim back plate. Build a concealed iPod 5th gen in a Classic shell. It fits awesome.
I like this cover a lot, have three new laying around. lol
And that's why it broke!
Yes, I have two here but only one is retail (the one in the Classic) and they work great.
You do need the 6th gen middle frame.
Hey guys, Tarkan just informed me that the Tarkan iFlash-mSATA is available to be ordered.   Order it now and get it by mid-September. I been using heavily my retail adapter and it works perfect 100% of the time so go ahead and reserve your before the pre-sale closes.
It's a 80gb iPod video right?
Yes you can use a normal usb cable, just don't transfer more than 10gb at once.
The 5th gen iPod has no limitation as far as I know, there are some 1TB iPods out there. What I am referring to the implementation of the SD to CF and a 256gb SD card, there is some issues when you transfer more than 131gb to the card while it's in the iPod.  But then again I tried with a 256gb Lexar card and not the PNY which I don't own.
Any battery will work, with mSATA you don't get stellar battery life but you will get about six or eight hours on each charge.
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