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Yeah but that wouldn't be even half as fun as modding these iPods :)
May the force be with you. 
Not saying that the 500gb card will not work but I wasn't able to make it work. Other users were able to use the 1TB card so there shouldn't be a reason why you can't use the 500gb. I think the issue is when you format the card via USB instead of in a motherboard slot. The photo in the eBay listing you posted is the old stock photo, the new batteries now have printed the voltage and capacity on them.  And seriously they work marvelous.
I tried it but didn't work because I formatted it via USB, my PC does not have a mSATA port. Crucial: CT480M500SSD3Samsung: MZMTE512HMHP 
I have successfully used a Samsung 512gb and a Crucial 480gb and it's my opinion that the Samsung works better, almost no heat compared to the Crucial.    I think you will do great with any of them. I currently use the crucial 480gb in my slim 5.5th gen iPod and I get maybe 10 hours of battery.   Now with Alex's battery it feels like the battery never drains... huge step up!
I am already using one with no issues, but I think the one I am using is 1500mAh. Edit: the 2000mAh fit perfectly with Tarkan's adapter, mSATA card and thick back cover.
I just received this bad boy, a 2000mAh battery to test it and see how it does on my 512gb 7th gen iPod.  
That's a 1TB card right? Windows wants to format the card everytime I try to transfer files to the card directly from the PC.
So now my 7th gen iPod is officially vintage XD
That one will not fit
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