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I gave up using that card, too many headaches. 
He already made one, Alex will send me a sample to test it out. I believe he said it's made of leather Edit: I found his response.  "The first batch of cases‎ has some problem. I'll upgrade it.I have three colors now, black, brown and white, which would you like? Alex"
I tried that and failed, a 1st gen 30gn Zune with 32gb, 256gg msata card and no luck.  I would love to mod the zune, found this sucker for $10 at the flea market and after I put a new battery in it works like new.
I think I can see in the pictures that the click-wheel is pushed forward.
PM me your address, I'll mail it to you sometime early next week.
Where are you located? I have and extra 2000mAh battery that I can mail you.
Good price used to be $75 per iPod but now I see them for no less than $150. Right now there is one on Craigslist for $199 and it's all scratched up
Add the three remaining albums via MediaMonkey and see what happens.
Check if you have an Artist named Unknown or albums called Unknown.
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