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Samsung MZMTE512HMHP
Just stopping by to report that my 7th gen 512GB mSATA iPod is still working awesomely after two years, not even the battery had to be replaced.    
Yes, that is Alex.
My 512gb mSATA iPod Classic works perfectly, been using it for over 18 months now.
I got one of those a couple of years ago and did every test possible, even checked their ohms and they are a clone of the real ones.
Just restore with iTunes, that will give you right firmware.
Just scored these at the local Goodwill
There is a forum member that sells them, all versions. mSATA or SD modded.
I saw three at one of the local pawn shops here in Orlando.
It was the one that I paid to have caps installed. My 17 year old son is using the capless one now.Yeah I thought the guy got a good deal, but hey doing this for profit is not my thing
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