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That's a good solution for up to to 130 or 140gb.The reason is that you get IO errors after you reach that limit and the card corrupts, Tarkan thinks it's because of the SD to CF adpater and he currently sent this 256gb Lexar card to his card adapter manufacturer for testing and research.
I've owner before, they sound very good. But the microphone sounds muffled people will complaint when you make phone calls and they can't understand what you are talking.
I installed the cheapest class 10 128gb Kingston SD card in my son's iPod and it is working great.
I think he is using this card:
Try to load the music while on disk mode, that may make a difference.
Yeah I am looking forward to get the UHA-6S amp, just need to wait a couple of months until I can get it. (Already spend too much on CF cards, mSATA and stuff) I am using the capless 256gb mSATA iPod with the FiiO E7 and Shure SHR840 and boy! This sounds so sweet! Listening to stuff I never heard before on Black Sabbath's 1970's debut album. 
I just received today a second adapter from Alieexpress for my capless iPod.
Anyone has any suggestions on how to get the site to show them? Everytime I check there are no used ones.
Thank you gav007, I called USPS and they opened a claim for both packages and they should call me in the next 48 hours... Will wait and hope they find at least one of them.  I get that one label get's damaged but two is too much coincidence.
I tracked both packages and the last info that the USPS site is them is this one I used the tracking site for China and it doesn't even show like they have made it there. (Very upsetting)  Package #1 (Sent USPS Priority Mail)   DATE & TIME STATUS OF ITEM LOCATION February 18, 2014 Depart USPS Sort Facility LOS ANGELES, CA 90009   Package #2  (Sent First Class with delivery confirmation service)  DATE & TIME STATUS OF...
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