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Bought this emotiva mini-x right when I got my LCD2's and they sounded great on it. Amp is in like new condition and will come with its powercord. I can also include for a little more cash a custom headphone adapter cable made from Cardas headphone cable, rhodium banana plugs, and a Nutrik jack.   I also have for sale an emotiva xda-1 which makes a great match if you want to make a bundle deal.   PM me if you have any questions or offers.
Bought this Emotiva XDA-1 new almost 2 years ago and its still in great shape and sounds awesome. Comes with its power cord and remote. I can also include a 25 foot monoprice toslink cable for a few extra bucks.   This DAC is fully balanced and can be used as a pre-amp as well.    Send me a pm if you have any questions or offers.
This is a great cable that I got with my Audeze LCD2.2's in the fall. It is in like new condition and comes with the warranty paperwork.   Let me know if you have any questions or offers by pm.
Back up for sale!
Bought these lightly used several months ago after selling off my speakers. While they are the best headphones I have ever owned I need some cash to help with moving expenses!   The headphones are in mint shape with no signs of wear and sound better now then when I bought them. The stock cable will be included as well as the hard travel case and both are in excellent condition. Come from a pet/smoke/child free home. When Im not using them they get stored away in the...
Yup still for sale a lot of interest so far.  
Thank you Gneiss, The headphones are normally kept in their box so you dont have to worry about them being dirty or anything. I would say they have about 150 or so hours on them. I got them about a year ago from Shoreline Music.   Here is a more recent picture to show they are not bent.
If its not obvious the second pic is prior to stain+clear coat.  
Selling my headphones so I dont need this anymore either. It is the Bottlehead Crack OTL amp with speedball upgrade. It is in great shape powers my HD650's flawlessly, if you look at reviews you can see that this is a bargain of an amp. From bottle head the kit costs $270 + Speedball $120+ assembly $190 = $595. I built mine with the help of a professional electrical engineer with 30+ years experience so I feel confident it was built correctly. Id like to get close to...
Up for grabs is a nice pair of HD650's with their original cord and box with sleeve. I find myself listening to my speakers more and im looking to upgrade those, so these gotta go. They are in great shape no damage whatsoever.
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