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No problem. I actually used techflex very briefly, and moved on pretty quickly. 
I just wanted to say that I don't use techflex, but nylon multifilament sleeving.  It's basically the same stuff t-shirts are made out of. 
I just wanted to help Tony out and confirm that these cables were made using my highest grade UP-OCC wire.  I changed the standard XLR plugs since these were sold but you can expect the same performance.
Mambosenior could probably offer an unbiased opinion since he has one of the Canare 800 cables.  In my opinion a cable made with Canare will usually exceed or at least equal most stock cables in sound quality.
You are correct on all those points, there are certainly higher quality cables available.  But if somebody doesn't want to buy that big boy cable at least the Canare keeps the cost down.  You're basically paying for the labor.  A lot of people just want a different connector or something a little more durable than stock
Apparently some customers are receiving an error message stating that Paypal cannot complete transactions.  Disregard this message, most customers have been able to complete transactions despite this message.
The Charleston Cable Company black friday sale will begin on 11/29 and end on 12/2 at midnight. To take advantage of these deals you should contact me directly at charlestoncable@gmail.com. I sold out of some stuff last year and I want to give people a chance to opt out if they want. Even if I do sell out, all orders placed within this time frame will be honored at the sale prices. All direct cable purchases from my website will be discounted at 20% before sale. All...
 No physical shop but if you're ever in the area and would like to shoot the breeze I don't mind meeting up somewhere.
I'm in Mount Pleasant.  I could definitely make it to a meet anywhere in the Lowcountry.
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