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Tested this with my unit and the right and lef are correct with my fostex.
The jh16 or merlin would be an upgrade from my experience.
Im in
here you go the name is Adagio in G Minor tips: if you are using android phone you can use the apps called soundhound to identify music
Whiplash customer service have been bad but i found Craig to be an honest guy and you will get what you order but do expect a long waiting time and reply and Craig rather makes more cables and waste no time in replying email. He should reply mail more often.
Hope that it will get fix soon frank .
playing guild wars 2 now i would rate it 9/10 really love pvp
No but an good amp will improve the sound quality.
Voted for bright and cold, i find dark sound to be abit boring in my opinion.
I think refit is free on the first 30 days, theres always a chance for making new impression but it will cost a bomb if the audiologist screw things up everytime.
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