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      That onboard audio looks pretty good in spec to me so unless the listening experience doesn't match the specs I'd just use onboard. I would also advise only bothering with a high end soundcard (STX etc) if you have decent (mid range up) speakers/headphones that can fully 'auralise' it.   Frazeyboy covers it well in this post..   "That motherboard has a Realtek ALC1150 HD for the audio which seems to be a pretty good chipset. On paper it has a high SNR and...
Received my Pioneer Se-a2000's just yesterday. My first foray into open headphones and I certainly don't feel short changed. For $55 they really do punch far, far above their weight. Very comfortable and Imo they seem to have a slightly V shaped FR? which I am a fan of.   I wouldn't choose to use them with my portable devices as they do benefit massively and can easily handle much more power without any distortion and my TF10's are just much better suited for DAP use for...
Good on you for updating your thread with a progress report, it will no doubt help someone with a similar problem one day.
1- No 2- Only If it annoys you 3- Not sure yet..   Complete shot in the dark... Is your monitor/TV set up to go to sleep after a certain amount of time and maybe why HDMI might kick in temporarily after its re-awakened with the EDID handshake?
  Are you saying 2 batteries connected in parallel sounds better than the standard battery?  I'm confused as to why this could be...  :s
 When differences are that subtle I think you really need to do a blind ABX test to remove this influencial factor as knowing what one is listening to... can affect what we actually hear. If ABX testing confirms your findings then I need to go study how drivers actually work and try to work out how there could be a tonal difference or timing discrepancy as Asio and Wasapi sounding different in the same player is a big surprise to me.
 You could google it to death but in the world of computing there are still no guarantees about anything. You probably have a 99% chance of there being no IRQ conflicts or bandwidth issues for your combo and thats very high, I'd just go for it.  Edit-  See this thread, particularly posts 19-21.    Does your board have a free PCI slot that would allow the Xonar ST (PCI version of the STX) to be an option instead?
  Yes, it shouldn't be a problem other than in rare cases where it could cause some issues with certain device/MB combos. See-
 The Xonar ST/STX isn't just better, Imo its in another league compared to the SB Z in all aspects of SQ. With the ST or STX you really do get what you pay for and then some, it can compete with standalone DAC's well above its pricemark.I sent my Z back immediately, it's a well featured card/ jack of all trades but a master of none, I found it a huge dissapointment, barely much better than my onboard sound in terms of SQ, on the other hand my lightly modded (OPA627 rolled)...
 Maybe, and it's not a biggie for me either.  :) Strangely the cable in the pic does look to have some form of form memory material applied to hold it in shape round the ears but mine has nothing.
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