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Sale pending...
Hello, guys   I am selling my ATH HPS550 headphone stand. No longer needs it after selling most of my gears. Very good condition, no damage except a few scratches from normal use.   Ebay has new ones for 75 from Japan. I am asking for 50 shipped which is a very fair price. Let me know if interested.
  Basically, a TF10 with more bass quantity, forward mid, and warmer signature.
Sale pending.
Up for sell is a pair of UE Triple-Fi Ear Buds. They were working great until the cable went out. I don't want spent another 25 bucks on the crappy stock cable, so I am selling them cheap.   What you get:   1. A pair of 100% Functional Earbuds. Tested using cable form my M-Audio IE40(Also for sell). Small chipping(on the paint only) on the right bud, please see the picture. Socket on the right ear is slight loose because my last F**o cable has a slight off spaced...
cable is sold
Sale pending for the cable
Up for sale is the M2Tech Hiface Two USB to RCA DD converter and Oyaide Dr-510 Siliver Digital RCA cable(0.7M). I bought them to use with my DA10 with results. But no longer needs it after selling the DA10.   The hiface two has original box and all accessories. Includes a Belkin digital coaxial cable if you need happen to need one.  Asking for $150 shipped within CONUS.
Up for sale is the M-Audio IE40 In Ear Monitor. While having very similar look as the UE Triple-Fi 10, IE40 sounds quite different. The mid is more forward, and the bass has more weight to it.  The overall sound signature is more balanced and neutral than TF10. I believe not many of these are made and it is currently discontinued for good. Only selling it because I am moving to desktop from portable.   Condition is very good, includes original box and all...
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