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 Did you receive any error messages?  If you extracted the folder from the the rar file, then rename the folder so it doesn't have the Chinese characters in the folder name.  Are you using Windows?  Which version?  Did you run the install as an Administrator?
Download and install this.
Did you installed the drivers and put the AP100 into DAC mode?
Both my AN16 and VSD2S box have the same numbers.  Love how the AN16 sounds.  These will replace my GR07.  I dislike how I need to use a flange with them.
I'd definitely be interested in the beta testing.  My equipment is listed in my signature.  I also have a OnePlus One Android phone I can test with, and a MacBook Air and Windows PC.
Nope... the problem still exists. 1) Enable DAC mode2) Connect AP100 to computer3) Start Foobar4) Hit play in Foobar5) Audio is playing, but sound isn't coming through the AP1006) Stop audio playback7) Restart Foobar (close and re-launch from the Start menu)8) Hit play in Foobar9) Audio is playing, and now I can listen to the sound coming through the AP100 When I last checked, this problem doesn't occur in v069 beta 3.
 I just installed it.  The first thing I noticed is, there's a balance control menu.  I had issues with beta 1 in DAC mode.  I'd start Foobar and hit play, but couldn't hear the audio.  I always had to restart Foobar to get the audio to work.  I hope that problem is fixed in beta 2.
Yup... I'm pretty confident that disabling LO Control got rid of the fluttering.  It used to happen every few minutes, and now I don't hear it at all.   I was wondering if Hidizs can tell us what LO Control does???
Interesting.... I disabled LO Control, and the fluttering I was getting with both of my VSonic IEMs (VSD1S and GR07 Classic) appears to be gone.  Still listening, but will report back if I notice it again.
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