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Bought some VSonic GR07 Classic IEMs today from LMUE today, since they discounted everything by 18%.  Kinda wish I didn't jump the gun on the VSD1S a few weeks ago.  I'm hoping the GR07 will work well with the DX50.  The VSD1S sounded great, so I'm expecting the GR07 to sound even better.
I think Dmitry's working on it.  That's a little more difficult to do, cuz he needs to make a change to the existing UI.  With the lock menu, I assume a program is being launching during start up, which only gets triggered if the device is locked.
As far as I know, the player can't format cards.  Load current firmware, do a factory restore, and format MicroSD on computer to FAT32.  You can copy music to the card by either plugging the card into your computer or after putting the card in your DX50 and connecting it via USB.  I found it to be quick and easy when connecting to my computer.
When you're accessing the card the speed of the card will noticeable if you have a lot of files.  If the write speed sucks, that's not a big deal.  You'll prolly want something with a good read speed, so you can access the contents of the MicroSD card quicker (browsing the card and folders).  There will also be less delays in skipping tracks with a faster card.  Playback will be the same on a slow or fast card. The UI resides on the internal storage of your DX50.  The...
Just got the VSonic VSD1S I ordered in the mail a couple of weeks ago, to use with my DX50.  Gotta say it's a huge improvement over the WooDuo2s I had.  More clarity and detail than the WD2.  I know a lot of people say these lack bass, but I find it's the right amount.  Anything more would be overwhelming and tiresome IMO.  I'd say the WD2 have slightly more bass, but lack the detail of the VSD1S.  It's hard to believe the $40CDN VSD1S can out perform the $75CDN WD2.  I...
 Either way will work.  You're not using an iDevice anymore.  There's more than one way to do things.
  Download works for me.  Since this update only fixes the one issue and doesn't impact me, I think I'll hold off on updating.  Looking forward to future updates.
  Could be just the headphones he's using.  He might have a set that are really flat, or not being powered properly.  Perhaps he's plugged into the Line Out instead of Phone Out.  If he wants more rumble and the headphones aren't cutting it, then he might need to get a set that can produce a good amount bass.  Test with a few different sources and see if the headphones are consistently flat when used with each source.  Maybe some Beyers or Beats (*shudder*).  I have the...
 I gave this a try with my IEMs and I found with IRR OFF, the vocals weren't as good with some stuff I listened to.  With IRR ON, the back up vocals are noticeable.  Which IRR OFF, I can hear the back up vocals, but not as clearly... seems like they aren't as clearly defined.
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