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  Keep in mind I'm using low impedance IEMs, hence the low gain.  When I set the amp to medium gain it seemed like the volume would go up in all areas, except for the vocals.  I'll try to demo with my Q701 and M50x when I get home tonight.
Actually, I'm hearing more clarity and detail with some tracks than before.  "Alt-J - Fitzpleasure" and "Passion Pit - Swimming In The Flood" are two songs I noticed the improvements in.  The one song I usually demo with is "Angus and Julia Stone - Silver Coins".  One thing I noticed is, the instruments in the song are better defined.  I can hear instruments in the background a little better than before.  I believe the sound is little bright, but I enjoy it.  FLAC is...
Just installed SUv1.3.0.  I have the FLAC option enabled with IRR enabled, and so far everything sounds pretty good, but the IEMs I'm listening with aren't exactly the best.  Will be able to test a little better with different sets of headphones when I get home tonight.
I agree.  Sound Unlocked is money. Dmitry did a great job tweaking it.
Just to clarify, you have the VSD1 not the VSD1S IEMs right?  How are the GR07be IEMs better than the VSD1?  Are the GR07be worth more than double the price?  I'm not looking for something bassy, hence why I went with the VSD1S.  Just got my Q701s in the mail today, and I love how they sound so far.  If the VSD1S can sound somewhat similar to the Q701s, I'll be happy.
 Agreed... the only reason I'm trying them is because they're cheap, and several people in this thread have said the VSD1(S) and the DX50 are made for one another.  I think they come with the Comply TX-400 tips, which I currently use with my WooDuo 2 IEMs, and those are super comfortable.  Apparently the VSD1(S) are supposed to be 80% of the sound quality of the GR07, for more than half the price.  I paid about $40CDN shipped for my VSD1S.
Have you tried the VSonics?  A lot of people have said the VSD1 and VSD1S pair really well with the DX50.  The VSD1 is supposed to be more bassy,while the VSD1S is supposed to have less bass but more accuracy and a wider soundstage.  I ordered the VSD1S a couple of weeks ago, so I'm just waiting on their arrival. That's a better link, because you can grab older versions of SU.
Maybe the differences are more noticeable through higher end headphones or speakers.
She's right... Zeppelin's Immigrant Song sounds more airy.
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