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Truly a stunning thread,deeply appriciated. p/s i wish to see hidition nt/nt6 pro fit in somewhere among those super-stars :)
im properly the only one who use draug 2 for ciem :(   it is time to review something about Draug after 2 months of burning and using it. i have had Skog 3 months before using Draug 2,so i had a chance to a/b them directly. Sorry Trevor,but Draug 2 is obviously ways ahead of Skog (feated nt6 pro to be specific).   Below are my thoughts about the Draug 2 vs Skog     The most obvious things is Draug 2's huge,within the first minute i realized...
it is Norne..........model: Draug 2it is a fullside cable(they dont do iem/ciem for this version,i diy myself to use with my custom lol)
it isnt a light cable but its flexibility is amazing,i actually wear them on bed and fall as sleep sometime within turning my head anyway i like.No,it does not drag my head down at all lol,it actually lighter and much much softer than silver dragon cable.
they are tight,neat,compact and most of all............they sound heavenly gooooooooddddd :)  
285 usd............yes,it isssss huge and so its soundstage lol
If u think nt6 pro is spacioussss.................not really,not until it ft by Draug2...................this thing make nt6pro's stage soooooo hugeeeee..........easily compete with fullside stage :)      
i have another mission to complete with new solv lol...........on my way checking norne website :))   p/s ah haaaa solv is now in the way........i dont see any iem-connector/diy option,Trevor???? you had a special version Draug 2? so jealous :)i couldnt resit and did give Draug 2 a quick listen.The soundstage of this thing is insaneeee,truly spacious.......more to come,plz wait for meThank you R.E,it is my most satisfied cable purchase :) Thankx for your compliment,Trevorit is my honour to have Draug2 ,Norne have become my "must-have" top choice when it come to hp/iem cablei gave Draug2 a quick listen and im now so...
I have just finished my draug v2 ciem/iem version......and now...ITS TIMEEEEEEEEEE to unleash the beast : nt6 pro ft Draug v2 ill burn in the draugv2 for a few day before comparing to my skog(which i like pretty much) and report back to you,guys Skog is 8 wires and isnt small at all in real life....but laying next to Draug look like baby toy )
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