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They are directly from neotech singapore.I did a search on web...all i can find are spc,copper and silver solid core...moon audio do have pure silver 4n(which i dont think is occ)Dying for a good source of up-occ stranded silver
neotech silver 28awg solid core............isnt it too stiff for iem cable?anyone try it plz share ur planning to use it for iem cable but "solid core" doesnt seem to be right
ill give it a go lol ,thankx
There were good and bad about this mod (some ppl like,some ppl dont prefer it) 4 main points i never wanna lose about this hp are: Treble Space Clarity Air I wonder if this mod would descrease those key-points Increasing bass( i like sub bass bettet than mid bass) while sacrificing those sure is a no-no for me,anyone plz confirm be4 i make my move ,appriciated
how is r10 driving something like beyer t1 and hd800,anyone try them hehehe
i have no ideal how uerm sound like...........but i have in mind : hidition 6 pro and jh13fp........ill surely have a look at uerm as advised
I was very eager to pick up my um miracle this morning...........but after a few hrs testing it out i realized i picked the wrong sound-signature,it doesnt do me any satisfaction like my beloved ety er4s im going to put it on sale to fund another CIEM,i really dont wanna make the same mistake. Comming from ad900,k701,dt880,beyer t1 and ety er4s i would call myself a treble-head eventhought sony sa5k isnt the type of treble im after(sound like it can cut my canals in half...
yes i did compare firmware : both the same 8.0.2gotta burn it ~ 200 hrs to see what happen
uh  huh may be..............somehow it just sound inferior (my unit),my friend's unit sound huge in ss,heavy sub-bass too
Today ,me and my friend sit down for a coffee and compare our r10(we both use r10) Very suprised to find out that our units sound a bit different to each other,im very confused so i think i should share it here for advise. In total,they are a bit different,not night and day but it wasnt too hard to spot out differences My unit (i bought 2nd hand 2 weeks ago in likenew condition) sound less spacious,i means the soundstage isnt as big as my friend's unit Secondly,its mid...
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