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Below is my nt6 pro graph ,i just really dont know exactly at which khz the treble start to roll off (the scale on the frequency graph thing isnt easy to judge)  
i recieved my norne skog 2 weeks ago........i took sometime toying it before posting to make sure i fully feel it the right way :)   My cable is for iem/ciem.........called Skog   First of all,this is not one of the best when it come to finish/look...........BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST (i also had and tried many different cables form different companies)   Ergonomics: top Tangle Resistance: top Memory Effect: mine was a is soft but always in...
congratulation of the best portable combo so far :))we had exactly the same combo and THE SAME IMPRESSION about thier sound quality :)
ibasso r10 with custom leather back-cover:   .make it more personal with my signature engraved onto it :) .can remove silicon case now without worrying crashes the back of r10 :)            Stealing my wife perfume box to store my audio gear lol .......not my fault,i tried and the box fit r10 perfectly with extra space that is just enough to store my custom :)   she is going to kick my ass anyway :(  
Thank you,dear Mighty have always been a great help to me at ALL time.
Nt6 pro feats norne skog....very positive trial Treble/mid/bass stay pretty much the same where they are in terms of quantity and "wow" factors here ......BUT....transperancy is...amazing,feel like sound flowing to ears thru space,not the piece of iem i was wearing. Space become bigger in both width and depth So the biggest improvement that Norne skog gave nt6 pro was all about 3d space while maintaing pretty much the same original sound signature that nt6...
Morning coffee cant get any better with these being on ears comforting my soul
i want Vanquish (not vorpal) for my it possible Trevor??
Does pure ii totally outclass hibino r10 internal amp which i think is already very good for iem???
 i was thinking of norne audio..........look stunningthe 4 wires(2ag/2cu) isnt a thru hybrid.......8 wires is,ofcause at higher price tagA_J confirmed that whiplas v3 hybrid brought nt6 to the new level but not nt6 pro(improvement was small )
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