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i want Vanquish (not vorpal) for my it possible Trevor??
Does pure ii totally outclass hibino r10 internal amp which i think is already very good for iem???
 i was thinking of norne audio..........look stunningthe 4 wires(2ag/2cu) isnt a thru hybrid.......8 wires is,ofcause at higher price tagA_J confirmed that whiplas v3 hybrid brought nt6 to the new level but not nt6 pro(improvement was small )
Your question is also my concern lol,because : 1/toxic virus is selling at good price but waiting time is now more than 3 months :(...(i didnt see any virus 2nd for sale .....already a long time lol)2/whiplash is much quicker but then the price is scary.........i dont wanna spend 550++  just to try a cable (that may win or fail my heart) so,right now ,im happy to stick with a totl copper cable that i happen to see (copper cant be expensive hahaha)
I did not even test the stock cable out at the first place(i got bad feeling by charging the way it look,weird color,very cheap looking plug )So i started looking for cable without listening to stock it actually supprise me Silver/gold always give me improvement in s.q..well not nt6 pro caseSilver is my favourite material to increase clarity and treble energy,in this case it made the treble abit overkill and destroy the 3d feel of the stagingI need 1 more...
I did some cable rolling today...and to be honest i like the stock cable the most,very pleasing,good combination of space,detail,treble,mid,bass...nothing too aggresive or relax either,everything just so smooth and balance without losing any clarity Seem like the nt6 pro sound quality is very consistent The rolling was : tralucent silver/gold,silver dragon v3,stock
Pm sent
Toxic virus are silver and copper insulated separately if im not wrongHow does that compared to widow....i guess virus is warmer and meatier in bass ,right???
any cable advise,plzzzzzzz.......???   i was thinking of toxic silver widow but i dont wanna add any warmth to its tonal.
thankx so much for your advise,comming form er4s ,i do want more bass and dynamic from ciem,nt6 pro completed my desire by all means..........i was choosing between nt6 pro and 1plus2(1plus2 failed me in getting good seal at all time).........but now i can say i like nt6 pro more than 1plus2 : better coherence high to low,better mid-range flow(smoother).........less mid-bass but thats what i want too :)) i did not find them bright ......but it was heavily based on my...
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