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This worked great,I thought about hanging them as you described but I didn't think to use a blow dryer to help smooth out those kinks and that really made the difference.
Thanks joseph,I'll give this a try tonight.
Cable question, I've never been a big fan of the material Grado uses to wrap there cables because of how prone they are to kink, twist and bend making them difficult to straiten especially after having stored them in a case. My question is what techniques do you guys use to straighten them back out and remove those kinks? Most of my Grado's I've been able to remove them by just having them hang on my headphone stand but one pair is really bad (MS2e) so some extra help...
I found it, that saved me about $15 compared to there e-bay listing. Thank you.
Thank you Mike,   That's the only place I can find one as well, still a lot cheaper than the one I ordered.
Has anyone tried this "Brimar 10E/598/5Z4G~5Y3G Black hole plates Foil getter tube - 1950s" in there WA6? http://www.ebay.com/itm/201436720869  I probably should have consulted this thread before making the purchase because it wasn't until after I ordered it that I found this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/5Z4GY-CV1863-KB-FE-STC-BRIMAR-NOS-BOXED-/310653909306?rmvSB=true for much cheaper.
Just received my WA6 (stock tubes for now) and am loving what I'm hearing with the GH1. I'm not at all ready to do a review of the WA6 and won't on this thread but I just had to take pause from my listening to just say I love the GH1/G with this amp.      
I've owed the MS2e for a month now and I would say they are phenomenal. Compared to my RS2e I would say the mids are a bit more recessed but very detailed with a little bigger soundstage, there's more bass but they are not as transparent. The RS2e is the most revealing Grado HP's I've ever heard. I would love to hear a comparison with the 325e. I would be willing to lend my MS2e to someone who currently owns the 325e (with good rep and in the US) so that we could get a...
Just love how smooth the RS1e is with female vocals in this classic song.  
I use the original PS500 as well when I have the itch for some bass (Grado bass) but if I feel the need for something greater in the bass department I switch to my Sony MDR-Z7.
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