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Thanks for the info Kerouac, this is starting to sound like a much better (for my needs) and cheaper option than the PHA-3 route.
Looking forward to hearing your impressions, I'm considering the Pono as well with my Z5 and Z7.
This was exactly how I felt with mine when I first listened to them, and that hasn't changed at all after 20 hours.  Congrats on the RS2e.
Yeah I didn't order anything special, they seemed to be coming in tan/brown now for the RS, GS line but I just wanted to verify for my order.  Best of luck on the shipping, the waiting is the hardest part.
I had some e-mail exchanges with Rich while making my order for the RS2e; I just wanted to be sure I was going to be getting a version with the tan/brown leather headband that would further differentiate itself between my PS500 and these.   He opened a box to verify and then sent those to me.  I received mine within two days of the order even though it was for 7 day shipping.  Congrats and I look forward to reading about your impressions and comparisons to the PS500.
 It was a tuff call for me to between the PS500 and PS500e, it took me a few months with both of them to come to my conclusion. 
For me the PS500 is still my favorite Grado headphone and that's even after owning the PS500e for a few months trying to decide which one to keep.  The RS2e compliments the PS500 very well, as in they are not worlds apart in sound but there’s something about how the sound resonates through those mahogany cups that renders the music in a more natural way.  I also plan to use the RS2e for travel over the PS500 because it’s easier to drive and connect with mobile devices.
My RS2e thoughts (after 4 hours of head time and another 4 hours of burn in).   A little background before my thoughts on these, I started my Grado experience with the SR325is and loved them with classical and modern rock. A year later I bought the PS500 and was thrilled with its larger soundstage, added base and more relaxed sound signature that I could enjoy for longer listening sessions. So I decided to sell the SR325is thinking there was no need to own two Grado...
I'll admit I was one of those who went from the SR325is to the RS1i not even thinking about the RS2 and I can definitely say that the RS2e is not boring at all sitting here listening to Catfish Blues (Live) by Gary Clark Jr.  I love how the RS2e reproduces that guitar 
Will do whirlwind, and I agree with the RS1e being a bit of a side grade in sound (to me) and more of a downgrade in the comfort do to the protruding drivers. Thank you one1speed and I will be sure to give these some time because I'm well aware of how Grados change with some burn in.  I also owned the PS500e for a while before ultimately deciding to keep the original PS500 and sell the e model. Comparing them sided by side I liked the larger soundstage and warmer sound...
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