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No they don't, they are flush with the ear cups just like the original.
Hi casper, Yes I do hear differences between the two, especially now having put approximately 100 hours on my PS500 and around 60 hours on the "e" version.  When going back and forth the things that stand out most with the PS500e are the more forward mids, tighter bass and overall a little more clarity.  Also if I keep the volume knob at the same level when switching to the "e" it's noticeably louder "more efficient", which is why I use it mainly with my mobile gear while...
I also felt the same way when I compared my PS500 to my RS1i I owned for 60 day's then returned them.  When the e series came out I purchased both the RS1e and PS500e to compare and ultimately kept the PS500e.  Owning both the PS500 and PS500e you could say I'm a fan.
I use the L-Cush but have tried the flats and G-Cush but to my ears the L is the sweet spot.
I reach for the PS500 at least 75% of the time! the HD800 can be a bit over aniliticle where the PS500 is just more fun.
All set for a long deserved vacation and my main item is all packed up...  
Curious has anyone heard the RS2e yet, and if so what their impressions are compared to the RS2i.
I love re-liven some of my favorite tunes with the PS500e.      
 I look forward to hearing your impressions.  
Hi defsquad, Yes this is still available.
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