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Those are some amazing vocals that sound excellent on my GS2Ke, welcome back Stacker45.
I received mine about a week ago now and have been listening to them exclusively and haven't had a chance to compare them directly with any of my other headphones yet but will this weekend. I would say I'm around the 15 hour mark with these and I have to say I'm really impressed, they remind me of my GH1 but with a larger soundstage and the transparency of my RS2e. But I will compare more directly later I just wanted to post some initial impressions about these and that if...
For sale only.   Will pay for shipping in the US only, and I will cover any papal fees. I am the original owner, purchased from 10/23/2015. I’ve decided to sell the MS2e and keep the Grado GH1. These are in excellent condition from a smoke free pet free environment with maybe 20 hours of use. Send me a PM if interested.   Thanks for viewing.
This is a good ranking, and I agree with it considering I've owned most and currently own quite a few in this list. I've recently purchased the GS2000e and with very little burn in feel that it bests my GH1/G and RS2e handedly; not having owned any version of the GS1000 to compare makes me feel like I've made a great choice.
I purchased a pair of these from and should have them soon. I've been looking to purchase a pair of full size Grado's for awhile but I couldn't decide between the GS1K and PS1K without having auditioned them. But being a big fan of the GH1 and hearing about the similarities to the GS2K this might be the headphone I've been looking for. I look forward to comparing them with my other Grado's (see sig) soon, and a big thanks to ESL-1 for his early impressions.
This worked great,I thought about hanging them as you described but I didn't think to use a blow dryer to help smooth out those kinks and that really made the difference.
Thanks joseph,I'll give this a try tonight.
Cable question, I've never been a big fan of the material Grado uses to wrap there cables because of how prone they are to kink, twist and bend making them difficult to straiten especially after having stored them in a case. My question is what techniques do you guys use to straighten them back out and remove those kinks? Most of my Grado's I've been able to remove them by just having them hang on my headphone stand but one pair is really bad (MS2e) so some extra help...
I found it, that saved me about $15 compared to there e-bay listing. Thank you.
Thank you Mike,   That's the only place I can find one as well, still a lot cheaper than the one I ordered.
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