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I also felt the same way when I compared my PS500 to my RS1i I owned for 60 day's then returned them.  When the e series came out I purchased both the RS1e and PS500e to compare and ultimately kept the PS500e.  Owning both the PS500 and PS500e you could say I'm a fan.
I use the L-Cush but have tried the flats and G-Cush but to my ears the L is the sweet spot.
I reach for the PS500 at least 75% of the time! the HD800 can be a bit over aniliticle where the PS500 is just more fun.
All set for a long deserved vacation and my main item is all packed up...  
Curious has anyone heard the RS2e yet, and if so what their impressions are compared to the RS2i.
I love re-liven some of my favorite tunes with the PS500e.      
 I look forward to hearing your impressions.  
Hi defsquad, Yes this is still available.
I would be interested to know your thoughts on these I've been looking at the 1540s for use at work to complement my Shure SE846.
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