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Skian64   I'd love to see the PS Audio Sprout on massdrop.
I've been digging a pair of hifiman in-ears (and over-ears for that matter) for some time.  Also that player is an utterly gorgeous piece of design.  Liked, Followed, and replied.  Thanks for this opportunity!
Well...  After trying to realistically reallocating my budget to conform with life-needs and such, I ended up having to axe about 99% of my monthly personal spending (read: headphone spending) allotment.  In light of such a drastic change, I rearranged my "to-buy" list and almost everything went to the backburner.   I planned on only buying HD6XX's (still undecided as to which one) and a bottlehead crack (with the speedball) to get me by for a couple...
Have you considered the RE-400's?
All-in!  Been looking for a new pair of on-the-go headphones!  Here's to hope!
These are below your price-range, but they sound above it. Check 'em out.  They just might be what you're looking for.
But yeah, Lumos, I'd say your best bet is either the Grado's or the Superlux's.  Do some research and remember, to each his own.  Figure out what you like best sound-wise and pursue it!
hmm.  You're making me wish I had the Superlux's ;)  Actually, my classical-music headphones are a pair of Sony MDR SA1000's that I picked up for $50 in the FS forums. The crazy speed and accuracy, along with their freakish levels of detail makes them amazing.  I remember listening to a Beaux Arts Trio album and wondering what this rhythmic hissing in the background was.  Took me a couple minutes to realize it was one of the performers breathing O_o
Personally I would stay away from the Sennheiser's and the Audio Technica.  The Panasonics are a good choice but they aren't too portable.  I don't know if that's an issue or not.  They also need a few mods to truly shine (nothing too complicated).  Keep in mind though, they're definitely a bass-heavy phone. I couldn't give you any advice on the Superlux, but I've heard very good things about them.   concerning the iGrados.  I know you've already stated your...
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