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Its over now.
Skullcandy Mix Masters are $99 at Best Buy in Canada. Sold out online but good luck finding one in...
Thanks! I kinda wanted the detachable cable and I'm buying these because they look nice and because I wanted something bassy and different. I don't really want an on ear headphone. But does anyone know which is the better of the 2?
Blue street by 50 for $99 Any clue if these are better then the sl300's or not because they've gotten real cheap in staples stores. They're on store wide clearances in the USA. Sl150 for like 69.99 and sl300 for 89.99. Too bad I'm in Canada I'm still gonna get one of the 2 though can anyone help with the decision? Sorry for posting in the wrong spot :S
I know everyone will probably cringe when they hear this but I'm trying to decide which of the 2 to get but I'm not sure. Either the soul sl300 or the sms street by 50. I'm getting them pretty cheap so that's why I wana get one of the 2 but I don't know which to get.
Hey everyone,   Theres some pretty decent deals here
How are these headphones? Is it a good buy? Worth It?
I've demoed the Aviators too and they seem to sound pretty nice :) As you can see im not an audiophile :P And the looks are kinda just like a plus. Ill research a bit on the JVC's but honestly for now im really not too sure what I am going to get exactly. Thanks for your input. Those were just some examples or things I was kinda intereted in. Yeah it does and I tried it twice and both times I got no reply :/ except for this one guy who said if I wanted to get the philips...
Hey everyone! Im gonna be coming down to the US from Canada this weekend and I wanted to get some headphones (they'll hopefully be cheaper xP). I go to high school so I want something that looks kinda nice. I listen to all kinda of music but mostly hiphop, rap, R&B, and pop. Im gonna just plug it into my Samsung Galaxy S2 X as my driver but im thinking about getting a fiio e6 im not sure yet.... I've been looking at the Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviators and the Philips...
Any suggestions?
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