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  Hey, sorry for the very delayed response. I wanted to give the Project Sunrise II (PS2) a thorough testing before forming my opinion on it.  Here's a picture of the combo on my desk, I really love how the amp looks!         My test setups: PC - HT Omega Claro Plus+ Sound card - Project Sunrise II - HiFiMan HE400 Laptop - HiFimeDIY Sabre DAC - Project Sunrise II - HiFiMan HE400 (or Phiaton MS400, Audio Technica M50) HTC Amaze 4G android phone - HE400 (or Phiaton...
  I'm not aware of any audio receivers that are $40 or less, maybe your best bet would be to look on Craigslist at that point, or save up. 
  Haha, that sounds like fun.   Did you notice any hearing changes afterwards? Or did your ear feel differently?
  I have heard something similar, when I was listening to some music one time. It sounded like a 'whack!' from the left ear driver. Immediately I took it off, and was thinking, what the hell was that? lol. It was sort of loud, and was right next to my ear, so it was pretty worried that something broke after I've only had it for a week, but it seemed fine, nothing was loose, so I'm not sure what it was. Has only happened to me once.
  They definitely felt heavy to me at first, since I was used to mainly plastic headphones (see the ones in my signature). You get used to it after a bit. Also, if you use the velour pads, it supposedly adds 35g to the weight.   I have a fairly wide/large head compared to most people. I definitely needed to stretch the headband, or the HE400's would be clamping on the sides of my head too strongly after some use. Don't be afraid to bend them and hold them there for a...
Here's my attempt at the first part of the mod:      My second pad, the first one wasn't too pretty. The foam is peeking out a little because of the size of the holes.   I opted for larger holes instead of small+medium because the scissors I used to cut the holes weren't very good, and I didn't want to risk making the fabric too thin when adding the smalls.     My opinions part 1 of the mod:   Vocals less prominent, less harsh/sharp, and...
For part 1 of the mod, instead of doing the medium sized holes and then small ones on the inside; What if you just did very large holes that were the size of both small and mediums together? Are medium & small sized holes used to keep the integrity/structure of the fabric?
  Nice! Got any tips? I'll be attempting this mod in the next few days.
I imagine it would be fine to plug the 598's into the base.   The modmic can't connect directly to the controller though from what I've heard. Someone tried to just use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm with the modmic but that didn't work out. People say you need something like the Astro Mixamp to use it on the xbox. 
  Also, in this link there is a section talking about putting the recovery CD onto a bootable USB drive. That's a good option if you don't want to use discs.    Or if those don't work out, you could possibly just install a regular copy of Windows, and then download the HP drivers afterwards (assuming they have them available somewhere).
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