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Don't know if its just placebo but I read a lot of things about using the hd650 cable on the 600s does it actually make a difference?
I ordered these headphones recently they have not arrived yet, but I have the schiit vali/modi what do you guys think of this setup for the hd600s
Ya those harsh sounds bother me a lot.Decided to pull the trigger and buy 600s. $275 new is pretty good.
Just pulled the trigger on these for $275. Was looking at the HE-400 but read too many things about the sibilant and them being ear piercing and I hate that.
what about the he 400 they can be had for $300 and the hd600s are 275 right now. I read the he 400 are very sibilant and ear piercing treble and I hate that so it might be a deal breaker
You guys recommend the hd600s over the he400?
It doesnt have to be from the ones I listed you can make a new recommendations. But I see the sennheiser hd600 for $270 is that a good price?
Looking to spend $300 on a pair of headphones. Looking for headphones that are great for female vocals and a good all rounder. I already have a schiit vali/modi   Ones I have been looking at Sennheiser HD600 Hifiman He-400 ATH AD900 Mad dogs
I completed it it successfully thank you for all your help. Got it soldered nicely and it works fine with any 3.5mm audio cable. Wish that detachable cables were standard on headphones in this price range.
Ya my wire strippers arent any near small enough either. I'll try your way and be careful I'll let you know my results.
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