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SOLD!   typical. no pms for a bit, then like 7 at once ^^::
 guess the ones who wanted them got them. actually, i had lots of pm asking me if they are still available, but no one has bought them yet! :D
 haha thanks dude. ^^
 thanks! :D
ortofon e-q5   item is black, brand new.   paypal gift or please pay the fees.   price includes ems air shipping with tracking to the usa. everywhere else, please contact me first, thanks
 yh, its one of those you miss after you leave them :P
 not that i know of.
i had a listen to both the shures and the k3003is at the shop... running out of my clip zip... from what i heard the shures were just better. after hearing the shures first felt the k3003is sounded thin. id prob give transparancy to the shures as well, and would say clarity is prob around even.   this was a 20 min listen from a clip zip so take it with a grain of salt.   oh and then i went on to the ue900, and that sounded rubbish by comparison ^^::
these are the last e-q5s i have been able to get a hold of.     check out the pics, in like new condition and just about a month old ^^   shipping to usa and practically everywhere else is $25   i need to ship today if you want them soon, since chinese new year means post office will close for 4 days straight.     thanks!  
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