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Anyone had a chance to compare these to Audio Technica's ATH-ES10?
Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b noise cancelling headphones. In as new condition with accessories and original box, these have been used  for approximately 30 hours in total.   Includes: - headphones - battery - carrycase - 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor - 1m cable - 1.6m cable - aircraft adaptor - original packaging and documentation   Also includes bonus brand new in box GoVibe Mini USB DAC, comes complete with DAC, carry case and USB cable.   Listing on eBay.
Thanks guys, I might wait for the Amperior model to be released but the Senns do sound like the way to go.
Thanks for the recommendation supersleuth! Would the HD25-1's be worth considering too?
From previous discussions the ATH-ESW9 or Shure 840 perhaps?
Hey guys, Looking for a set of portables with balanced sound and a slight bass hump. Currently have Audio Technica ATH-A900x for home and UM3X IEMs, any recommendations for portable (or at least semi-portable) circumaural or supra-aural headphones with a similar sound signature? Thanks!
The pads do soften up after a few hours of wear. I found them to be slightly uncomfortable out of the box but can use them for hours at a time now.
Do they make the CKS77 with a J-cable rather than a Y-cable? Really enjoying my pair except for the fact that you get a fair bit of microphonics when running unless you loop the cables behind your ear.
I'm looking for a pair of portable phones (not IEMs) with a similar sound signature to my ATH-A900X. Currently thinking of the ATH-ESW9 or the ATH-M50. I mostly listen to electronic and rock music, and prefer something with a slight bass emphasis.
Anyone had a chance to try these out yet?
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