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I picked these up thanks to your review and I have to say, I am grateful. I can listen to these IEMs with no EQ at all and they still do the job well. I have to agree that they are not the most "exciting" headphones but they never seem to fatigue me. So I can listen to my music for hours and be fine. Also, these are GREAT for working out. They stay put in yours and the cable clip is a big plus. Definitely a comfortable and sturdy combo. I got mine for $40 from amazon,...
I'm digging the ATH-CKM50A. I got my pair from for $25, can't beat that price. I do feel that sometimes it's a little bright for me, but it really depends on certain tracks I listen to. Also, maybe I haven't fully burned them in yet, I'm still new to this whole game.   Dsnuts, you're a gold miner. A successful one at that. Props!
Oh how badly I want some ATH-PRO700MK2ANV but man, I can't seem to find anyone local to me that has them. And I can hardly even find them online for a decent price.   If anyone wants to get rid of theirs, let me know. I'm in SoCal.
You should be able to find them online for your asking price. I got them from Amazon for $30 plus shipping.
Yes Sil3nce, I'm ready to purchase. I can't send anymore Private Messages because I am a new member. Do you mind emailing me?   email:
sent pm.
Still available?
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