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Still available guys!
These have been used for MAYBE 20 hours.. not even past the burn in period. They are in mint condition and come with all original packaging  and accessories.   $20 shipped CONUS
Yes I'll be posting them tonight when I get home! Sorry about that, created this posting during work haha
These come with all original packaging and accessories (both RE-262 and Fiio E6). Both in great condition. Only sign of wear is the white letting "RE-262" on the middle plastic divider stem is completely gone. I'm not sure why it was made to rub off so easily but this does not affect the performance of the IEMs whatsoever, their sound is pristine.   This is the type of power hungry headphone that NEEDS an amp to really do it any justice, which is why I have this mini...
I have 3 sets of these from an Incase warehouse sale. They are all unopened/unused/brand spanking new. They sound great for the price and are stylish enough to wear in public. Has built-in volume/playback control and microphone. $15 each $3 shipping
SOLD. They come with both original and beyerdynamic velour pads (which are currently on them) Less than 70 hours of use Minor cosmetic scratches on the chrome lining in two small areas (which obviously has no effect on the sound) Comes with all original packaging
I received these from another head-fier and they are in immaculate condition. They are basically brand new. I don't think I've even gotten through the entire burn process. Anyway, they sound excellent but are a little light in the bass department for me.   I am looking either to sell these or trade for GR07   This comes with everything included from the original packaging (tips, box, cables)   $120 plus shipping
check your PM
Would you say these are burned in already? If not, how many hours have you put on them?
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