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Probably the best, I know they check through a lot of tubes to find the "perfect" ones. Here is the mail from Frank:   So buy them with Woo if you want to be sure :)
  Pay premium from Woo Audio if you want to be sure about the quality you are getting. They cost a lot though, 50 bucks for a pair I think, but again they do a thorough check, you'll be almost 100% if you buy from Woo.. If not buy like 3 pairs from a normal tube vendor for the same price, make sure you ask for matched pairs otherwise they might send you non matched. Oh and make sure you get fat tubes.
Better not! You'll regret it like me then :p
 My last pictures before I sold my WA6-SE with the custom orange diode.. ******* I already miss it. :(         And a little thanks to Dubstep Girl for helping me with the tubes ;) Now it's time to move on.. To the V200 we go!
Tell me when you've received them and tested and how the condition is ect. :) I might get a pair myself.
Nice! Yeah I'm running with a NAD D 1050 DAC at the moment which satisfies me enough for now, might go for a Mytek down the road but that's going to take some time to save up for, lol. I currently run the WA6-SE with the EML 274B and the 5U4G, they are pretty awesome. I might get the GZ34 aswell :)   And yeah, if you want to be sure then just buy a pair of 6FD7 from Woo Audio, then you don't have to worry about anything not working as it should :)
Yes, that's nothing to worry about I have the same with the left one of my 6FD7 fat bottle, it's tilted a bit more towards the amplifier. I'm taking some pictures tomorrow of my gear so you can see it then.   And the stock rectifier is ****, just so you know :D (Shuguang 274B)
 Yeah ask them for us, nice picture by the way :) When I talked to them they said that they go through many tubes to find the right ones before sending, they didn't specifically say "perfect condition". Let's see, I'll find the email: Quote from Frank at Woo Audio: "We purchase our tubes form a tube distributor then carefully select the highest quality of tubes and properly match them for the best sound.   We may have to go through a large number of poor tubes to arrive...
I think they go through tons of tubes to find "perfect condition" ones. One of the reasons why it costs so much, not sure if it's worth it or not but I've ordered a few 6FD7s from those popular tube stores (2 pairs) one of those pairs had one faulty tube. But just buy like 3 - 4 pairs and it still costs as much as getting one pair from Woo Audio, so they are indeed a bit expensive.. 
Does it happen if you use a different rectifier?
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