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It's the latest one. When I ctrl+c a song in spotify I have this form of url "https://open.spotify.com/track/*************" But Tidal still says "Could not find a playlist on the clipboard. Try again!"
I tried both way. Doesn't work :(
I can't import my playlists from spotify with the app's tool. It always says "Could not find a playlist on the clipboard. Try again!" Anyone knows why?  
Hello, I can't get WASAPI(push and event) to work on my T1. Error:"Unrecoverable playback error: Exclusive mode not allowed" (foobar). Anyone knows why? Thanks 
51€ France here  The funny thing is 2 of my French friends got their, weeks before and no customs, mine arrived late and with customs fee. Hurts like hell 
To be precise: 36€ tax + 15€ customs fee  
Got mine this morning  
I totally understand that they have a huge order to ship. But thing that upset me is that I received no informations from them. Question asked in the discussion tab got ignored, 0 email from them, I emailed them like a year ago but they dont even bother to reply.Not to mention the quality control, with all the cans are rattling. But it's akg to blame I guess.
Just got an automatic email from massdrop. My akg just shipped...by usps to france!! Seriously if you ****ed up someone's order, the least thing you can do is ship it by a faster service to make up to the customer. This plus a ****ty customer service that never reponds to emails. I'll never order from them again.
Thank you for your info.I still haven't received any info from massdrop what so ever. Happy new year to you.
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