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So do you recommend anything else over the SRH440s?
  So the SRH440s are pretty good for audio referencing, in both studio, and live set play?    I need cans that are good in my studio, and when I play live... :3   *NOTE* Those lose wires on the side, have me worried a bit... When I play live, I will be bobbing around, and getting into the music, so I don't want to rip that wire out... lol... Do I have to worry?
Correct me If I am wrong, but those don't look over the ear :/
Umm.. ya idk what that means... :3   I am just looking for something that is good for referencing, Electro House music, when I produce it... I need some closed ear cans, with good low end, and some what high... I don't want a lot of high, where it's colored, like consumer cans...    So to sum it up:   1. Referencing/Producing/Live Set Play 2. Good Low End 3. Closed Ear
I found these on Ebay...   Does this look like a legit seller?, cause I hate stock images -_-
:3 hehe.. The 681's don't look to bad, but I don't really want that open ear design.. Might go with those MH310s.. Any other recommendations?   Also, I just sold a few things on Ebay, so I am back up to the $100 range again :3...
  Oh, I was looking for a video.. I hate reading, but I'll give it a shot :3.. I'll let you know what I think of your review..    Thanks, /)   - SMOR3S
I couldn't find any reviews on the Samson SR850, but how do you think they compare to the CAD MH310s
Those CAD's looks nice.. I was watching this video on them:   But like I said before, I am looking for cans, that will be good for referencing, and playback, both in my studio, and playing a live set, at a venue/event.....
KRK makes some wicked monitors, aye? :3   Is there anything around the $50 range? like used HD 555s, or some M50s? I know those go for that price, but I can't speak for the sound quality...
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