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I don't really want to spend $100 on new cans, what about the 202 from Shennheiser?.. I mean, if there is nothing in the $50 range that will do the job for referencing my music, when I produce, then I'll have to get a $100 pair... someone please elaborate on this..
Any objections?   (I have a hard time convincing myself)
So I finally made a conclusion, for studio headphones/live set play.. These look to be, what I am looking for... 
Okay, so I re-whittled it down to these two cans... Sennheiser HD280's, or Shure SRH440's   I like how the HD280's have a better frequency response range, and how I won't have to get replacement, ear pads, like the SRH440's
Don't really have the cash at the moment to do that, and I plan on playing a set in the next month or so..
Okay so I made a final conclusion.. The KRK KNS 6400's or the Shure SRH440's
I might get the Sony MDR-7506's   They are 63ohms, would I need an AMP, or will my Scarlett 2i2 be good enough?
I would like to make a final decision today, so I can purchase my new cans.. :3
About to buy the CAD MH310's Any objections? or other recommendations? 
I might get the CAD's unless I can find something better, cause they look to be the best for sound quality.. No offense to the Shures, but who am I to say, I have never tried either one, I am just going off of reviews, and opinions...
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