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Just bought these cans.. I'll let you guys know, how they are, when I use them for mastering :3 I'll right a review on them as well... I'll prob have to put 100+ hours of burn time in though, aye..
Anyone second these?
Monoprice won't ship the product till tomorrow, and they don't do Saturday shipping, so I won't get my headphone until Tuesday, if I select next day.. Does anyone else know another company to buy these from, that does next day shipping? and offers Saturday shipping?? Amazon has them, but Amazon, doesn't accept PayPal... :(
Okay, so I am going to buy this:   Doesn't look to bad, aye :3
See that's the thing... I want to spend $100 on can's but I don't have that, and won't for a while... I have been mastering with SteelSeries 7H's O___O GAH!!! So I think the 8323's will do a better job, aye?   I could $57 next day these things, so that's $50 total right there... But they prob do sound 10000x better than my SteelSeries cans...
Those Monoprice 8323's actually look good, damn... I think they will sound nice on my Scarlett 2i2
Thanks bro... I just don't see spending $100 on some monitoring headphones, cause it's not like I am trying to get quality out of them... I just want simple, flat freq headphones, for studio use, and live set play..
  Electronic, House, Trouse, Trance, Electro House, DnB, Dubstep, Liquid Funk, Glitch Hop etc... :3 I produce, and make electronic music, and I need some new cans, for studio, and live set play, but I am beating my self up over this so much... I want to spend $100, then I don't, and erm -_-... I really want to spend $50 or less, but I feel I can't find anything good for that price.... Just need some convincing... /)
I might get a $50 pair now... Any recommendations for $50? HD202's?
I sent a PM
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