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What would honestly be the best solution? a pre-amp, like a "Lepai", or a Stereo Receiver, on Craigslist :3   Let me throw around a few links, and you guys let me know wacha think.. (Note, I am on a tight, tight budget, so I am just trying to work with what I got right now, to enjoy listening to music on some speakers...) I do plan on using my 6Ohm Panasonic Speakers, unless I could do something like...
I am currently using a Peavey PVi100 Dynamic mic, but I am wanting to get something different.. Need something for recording vocals decently.. I was looking into Condenser mics, cause I know they are good for recording, and Dynamic mics are good for live shows, cause they aren't that sensitive when amps are around..   I am having some issues with the mic I currently have.. Idk if it's the Scarlett 2i2, or the mic, but when I talk over Skype, or vent, it starts out...
  I am using a USB HUB, but it made this noise, even before that... I am however using an extension 3.5mm cable from RadioShack, don't want to knock on them, but you think, that might be the reason?
I started getting this about a week ago... Idk if it's my Scarlett 2i2, cables, or what, but I get this low buzzing, computer feedback noise, coming through my headphones, when there is no audio playing... I was starting to think, it might be the USB B cable, that connects the Scarlett 2i2 to my PC, but idk... My mic also has a little static also, but I think that's cause it's an old dynamic mic, and I have had it for sometime now..   Any ideas...
Scarlett 2i2 steps into the ring!! The crowd goes wild!!!
Is it really worth the $100+ price tag, cause I think my stock Scarlett 2i2 cables work fine ^__^
What if he had lice.. LOL!
There are a lot of better cans for much lower prices, that out perform the beats, in ever area...  
I just ordered the Monoprice 8323's with a 10ft mobile cable :3
Seems reasonable :3   His fault he didn't include the cable... file a dispute..
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