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Anyone seen a detailed review or place to purchase these yet? I'm mildly interested at the price point even though I'm mostly happy with my Denon 5000's.
The Grados are open; the Denons are closed.  Completely different animals.  Depends on what your needs are.
I was going to pull the trigger on the D5000's from EE but sales tax (~$22) is a deal breaker.
Thanks for all the replies and opinions everyone.
Interesting.  I've owned the Beyer 770's (not the T70) and didn't care for them but that was a few years and 2 headphone amps ago.    Since I'm using them at an office desk only, durability is not a primary concern.  
Hi,   I work in an office environment where I don't want to annoy others with sound leakage from my headphones.  Open cans such as Grado's or open Sennheisers are pretty much out of the question even at 'normal' volume.   Currently I'm using Sennheiser HD 25-1-II, which are good, but a bit uncomfortable.  The sound is good although I'd prefer a bit more soundstage.   I've read good things about the Denon D2000 and D5000.  I'm interested in them because they...
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