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  Wow what a collection. And thanks for the impressions!
  Now it just sounds like you received the wrong pair of headphones. The momentums are some of the smallest portable cans I've used.
The new Sony MDR-1RNC should be worth a look.
  The Sony MDR-1R retails at $299 USD. The other two models are called MDR-1RBT and MDR-1RNC, respectively.
Letting go a pair of like-new Beyer T70P to fund my HD800 system. Purchased in July through an authorized dealer, still well within warranty. Everything (carrying case, manuals, adapter) is included except for the outside cardboard box which was damaged during transportation and thrown away. Reasonably priced at $360 with both shipping and Paypal fee included.          
  I would totally grab that if I didn't just pay for the iPhone 5 today..
Really looking forward to the impressions as well. If these sound even just slight better than the HD25 then I'll get a pair for sure.
Can never go wrong with the Benchmark DAC1 HDR
If you want immediately noticeable difference, your best bet is a pair of full-sized can at around $100. (The sr80 comes to mind)
Amarra might be expensive but is definitely the best one I've ever heard
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