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I am interested in purchasing the ES10-preferably with a custom matte finish in excellent condition.   Please PM if you have this headphone available for sale. Thank you in advance..
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Have a listen tot all 3 (Beyerdynamic DT1350, Sennheiser HD25 ii & V-Moda M80).  Any of them will work for you...V-Moda M80's have come down in price considerably.  The other two will be higher in price.
Since purchasing the rs2i I've had a nagging feeling that I made a mistake by not purchasing the rs1i.    I figured..there's only one way to find out.. get the rs1i & compare the two.  I can always return one of the two if need be.  or keep both if they sound completely different...*shrug*     Clear the Editor
Thanks for the answering my question re: esw9 guys...
  Ishca... To your knowledge, is there a ESW9 & a ESW9A?  
  Thank you for replying & for your suggestions:   I haven't experienced any of the headphones on my "want list."  I appreciate your input especially since you are familiar with a few of them.     To David's point (listed above) I may not be in need of anything.  I will continue checking around & listening to what I currently own to be sure.   I am intrigued by Audio Technica's so I intend to start there this weekend...   Thanks again.. keep you posted!
  I haven't had a chance to really get into them yet... but I will let you know.   I think you know how I feel about my m80's.. I've expressed how much I love them.  I just feel like something is missing.   m80 beyerdynamic dt1350 senn momentums grado rs2i p5 (B&W) beats pro detox (which I never listen to because they feel too heavy when I wear them) klipsch m40 (may get stuck with these)   I enjoy the top 5 listed... the bottom 2 give me the blues. Maybe nothing else is...
    It was suggested that I check out the Denon AH-D1001.. it's supposed to be even better than the AH-D1100... Looking forward to checking them out!
  It depends on how long he's had them & what condition their in.  They are the Studio Beats right?  You may want to go on eBay & see what they're going for.  Then decide from there.  I wanted to get rid of them & although they were in mint condition, I sold them for $150.00 & $140.00.     Please keep me informed how you make out... Have a great weekend!
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