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It is fun finding head fi threads on google but they are either stale earbuds or they lead to headphones and/or IEM. It really triggers my inner audiophile when people interchange these terms. 
I'd hate to start a recommendation thread about earbuds since most idiots think these are IEMs for some odd reason. Please forgive my thread intrusion      What are some of the bass-heavy earbuds with microphone under 100? and 200? I'll be using this with my note 7. I currently have the akg k319 but it's missing a microphone.    I cant seem to find anything on google since earbuds=iem by most people. 
So we can expect a more transparent sound than the lush tube sound right? Thank god I didn't pull my trigger on GS-X
Hi, I'm selling my amp because I prefer to listen to an ortho + SS amp. I'm just not the ES kind of guy.   Got it second hand from another HFer. I can tell you i used it for less than 12 hours since I got it from him.   Shipping is on me(for conus), but please add the 3% pp fee.   Now asking for 1100 +PP
Thanks again everyone   The general consensus is: sell my 507, get 007/009 and mod the 727.   I've decided to hold on to the 507 as I've already passed the 30 day return period(value wont drop too much i hope) and mod the 727. I think this is the safest route(If I still dont like the 507, I can sell it and save up for a 007). Does anyone know who can mod my 727?(I'm too scared to work with high-voltage)
Sigh there goes my beautiful headphones collection
Thanks for the replies everyone, I appreciate it.   I bought the 727 second hand from a HFier, so not sure if he wants to take it back...   I listened to it maybe for 12 hours MAX realistically 8 hours before I gave up.   I think stax is maybe not the journey I want to take as you guys mentioned its very costly...   Are the modern lambda series really bad compared to the higher end models like the 007 or even the 009?   I was thinking if I can keep one of the...
Dang, I wanted to tread the last steps in my ortho journey by buying a LCD 3 and gsx. I guess I have to start saving for this expensive hobby of mine
 I heard many headfier's mention the mods for the 727. Would this "save" the amp, or does this make only minor improvements that isn't worth the time and money? I was using WA7 with upgraded tubes, but I'm pairing it with Gustard H10 (its like magic for only 300!!! ) Should I buy 009 and be done with my stax adventure? I would hate having revisiting nightmares because I stuck with 007 instead of 009.
Hi all,   Coming from LCD's, my Stax setup is very disappointing with the lower bass.   I have the SRM-727II(stock) with SR-507, and for me, the sound is very disappointing.    Apart from its very fast, detailed sound, the lower bass is very thin and lacking.   Is this the Stax house sound that takes time to get used to?
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