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One big problem I hate about my x5   Whenever I hit browse songs, the song title is NOT from id3 tag but it reads the actual file name like 01.XXYYXX About You.flac   why cant "browse songs" be directly from id3 tag?   This is the biggest setback I have at the moment with this device.   I cant spend hours trying to figure out which 01. song i want to play. I have hundreds of them.   Updates on this issue? or am i the only one who is having this problem?
oop wrong thread
Hi, this Apex Glacier was bought on 11/14/2013 but was used sparingly due to my lack of interest in this hobby. The PCB was replaced by Pete from Apex after Thanksgiving. The unit was used less than 150 hours, thus the battery should be as good as new.   Currently, I only found the top cover of the original box with the instruction manual. I'll look for the rest of the box and the usb cable this weekend. I'm selling my Glacier and other gears because I need the funds...
Do you need to bring anything to attend?   I moved pretty recently and I haven't gotten the chance to unpack my audio gear  
Uh you guys are steering me away from doing it. I don't see a problem with custom chambers as they are 100% reversible. No? I'm mainly doing this as a cosmetic "upgrade." I know different woods yield differnt acoustic performance, but I assume there would be a minor change in sound signature. I'm deciding the wood to use for my th900 at this stage of time
I owned th900 since January this year, and I think this was one of the best investments i had since LCD2. Only downside is that I really, genuinely hate the urushi finish on my cans. Thus, I'm planning to invest in some custom wooden chambers either from martin or lawton, depending on prices and choices of wood. Do I void my warranty by replacing the stock chambers with the custom ones? Are the angle pads + cups worth the price I'm going to have to pay?
PM sent to Justin
sorry to go off topic again, but how are benchmark dacs (1 or 2) with gs-x?
   I see that at least two of you guys are preferring MK1 upgraded to MK2.Is there a significant sonical difference?
Would you be kind to give me a link?I couldn't find a single one for sale
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