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 You guys are in for a treat!!! Lovin' everything I throw at my MkII esp as a preamp for my F7s.
I'm gonna call it now: Schitt speakers.
 And it's over. Sorry folks.
Pioneer Andrew Jones SP-BS22-LR bookshelf's from Amazon with prime for only $59.99   Get 'em while their hot!
This the the only other Christmas album I've ever bought.    
So what's all you gent's handles on BB?   Mine's the same as headfi.
 Man, I'm totally a Seiko guy.  I'd take ANY Credor any day.. hell I think I'd be happy with any spring drive watch...
Re: Remotes   This is by far my favorite one:         BAM, done.
Birdy - No Angel   Two of my favorite instruments in the world: Piano and the Human Voice.  The backing cello is a nice touch too.  
@Maxvla   Comparisons of the GSX-MKII vs Rag?   I'm  thinking of moving to passive speakers..   thanks! 
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