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Good to know
 I've forgotten to turn it off before for a day or so without ill effects.  The boxes were 'warm' but nothing I'd be concerned about.  Even your tube amps?!?!  @justin w. or @kevin gilmore - Opinion about keeping the GSX powered up all the time?  PS - I've been to Justin's workshop and trust me they are all made by hand (literally, he was soldering parts and testing things by hand).  I've seen some of his 'reject' parts and the quality demands would be unnoticed by the end...
  Stock photo of my new baby.  Now waiting for the band to soften up...while shopping for a replacement. =p
Money no object? Credor Sonnerie (right).... but screw it, if money is REALLY no object, lets go for the full Minute Repeater (left).  God I LOVE Seiko's Spring Drive Motion.     But for now, I guess I'll settle on this:  
Congrats everyone!   Trust me, HeadAmp is definitely a boutique company and you will get boutique quality!  Well worth the wait... but I can say that because I have mine. =)
 Really? Sorry didn't feel like digging thru 371 pages.
Re: The switches.   Have you considered a long mechanical rod/lever connecting the back switch to the front... Kinda like what Senn does with their amps?   Literally what it sounds like; the actual switch is solder on near the back where it currently is, but have some kind of mechanical way of activating it that near the front?
Gapless playback in devices that dosent support it.
UPnP Support - Render and Control Point!
 You guys are in for a treat!!! Lovin' everything I throw at my MkII esp as a preamp for my F7s.
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