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Looks like @jaywillin got the east coast pair today.   Please confirm that they got to you safely! Enjoy.
The 360 should only be $250 msrp the vendors on amazon are charging a premium due to supply rush at the moment.My velatura was an engagement present from my father in law... Yes I got awesome in laws!
Pics or it didn't happen! =P
This is only the tube half:  
Watch One - Daily Driver.     Watch Two.     I never thought I'd ever buy another quartz/battery watch again....
  If it helps you out, you can ship it to me instead. ;)
My initial impressions after the Headamp demo brings me this analogy. The he560 is to lcd2 what akg is to Sennheiser. I think the 560s sound more like the way I wanted the hd700/800s to sound in that the bass is actually there and as clean as the rest of the range. I'll have more complete and coherent thoughts later, typing on my phone sucks...
Got the cans today.   Box is in ok shape, but it's definitely been around the block a few times.   The headphone and cables themselves are in good shape.   Preliminary impressions are good, but I get the distinct feeling that the HE-560s are to the LCD3 what AKG is to Senn (if that makes sense).   The cans, however, are very comfortable -- If I was to nitpick I would have wished to bigger cups ala HD6x0 or LCD#   I plan on shipping out on Monday.
Replied to your PM yesterday. Please confirm. Thanks!
 Can we ship with the USPS? I thought we should be using FedEx/UPS/ect? What value should we declare for these bad boys?
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